Covey Can't Wait To Step On Campus

In studying Nick Covey's film this past year, one word that describes him well is "deceptive". He seems almost too quick, too strong and too agile for what is seen, but he offers Nebraska a promising linebacker who will be in Lincoln before too long. We were able to catch up with Nick to get his thoughts on his new home.

When Nebraska has been successful on defense, one component has seemingly always been in place: the linebackers.  Speedy, freakishly strong men with heads on a swivel and a penchant for dishing out pain.  Nebraska attained a couple such individuals this past recruiting season and one of the more interesting members of the linebacking corps is Nick Covey out of Glendale, Arizona. 

Covey has been doing his absolute most to make sure he shows up in Lincoln ready for his trials, but he's not finished just yet.  "I've been lifting and doing a bit of running and my last day of school is the 20th of this month, but I graduate on the 26th.  Next week, I'm going to go over to this guy who trains NFL, college and high school kids and I'm going to train with him for two weeks before I get to Nebraska.  He helps train you on running, agility, flexibility, improving as an athlete," said Covey. 

It appears that Jordan Congdon isn't the only one that has been training with the pros, either.  Covey actually mentioned spending some time at a camp populated by Minnesota Vikings linebacker Napolean Harris.  While Covey doesn't feel he outshined the NFL star, he didn't feel he did too shabby either.  "While he was out in front, I was right behind him the whole time," said Covey.   

Nick said he anticipates leaving on the first of June for his new home in the middle of the country, but he probably won't arrive until about the third since he will be driving.  His goals once reaching the home of the Big Red will be to continue what he has learned in the off-season and attempt to pick up Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove's schemes and ideas as quickly as possible.  "Over the summer, I want to get bigger and faster and I want to learn the defense and everything.  I'm definitely going to try to be in the rotation," he said.  Covey will be starting out at the Strong side or SAM linebacker position.

Covey got a bit of a taste of what he is due to expect during his career with Nebraska as he took away memories of the 2005 Red-White Spring Game.  "I thought it was nuts that there were 60,000 people in the stands and I was just excited to be there with guys I'm going against next year for my position," he said.  One thing that Nick Covey appears to be is battle ready and those looking to start for the Cornhuskers had better be ready for a fight.

While a lot awaits a new Cornhusker, Covey said that he is most excited about his very first home game against the Maine Black Bears.  "I can't wait to come out for the first home game, coming through the tunnel and having the stadium be packed," he said.  When it comes to finding a roommate, it appears that job falls on the coaches, but Covey has lined up a temporary living situation.  "The coaches were going to decide them when we get back there.  They want to hook you up with someone you're compatible with.  Over the summer I'm staying with Craig Roark, Phillip Dillard and Jordan Congdon," said Covey.

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