Holt feeling pulls in all directions

Few stories have captivated the Husker faithful like the possibility of an exacta of commits by Josh Freeman and Menelik Holt to the Huskers. Some recent conversations have got the duo thinking about holding off on that idea for a little while now, but with Holt the Huskers still lead for his services.

Menelik Holt was able to see this past weekend how he stacked up against some of the best in the nation. Players from all over the West Coast were at El Camino Junior College this past weekend for the U.S. Army All-American combine. Holt had positive things to say about his performance.

"It went good," Holt said. "The grass was kind of weird. It wasn't artificial turf. There were some gaps in it and had some holes in it. It was at El Camino Junior College. They had to change it at the last second."

"I think that I did very good as far as my times and stuff. I measured in at 6-foot-3.5 and 212 pounds in my bare feet. I ran a 4.4 20-yard shuttle, 7.5 three cone drill my first time and then a 7.8, but I slipped and everyone said I was on my way to about a 7.3. I ran a 4.7, but they said because of the grass and the wind that I should deduct about .12 off of that. They said all of the colleges are taking note of it."

As far as the drills are concerned, physically there aren't too many that can take on a 6-foot-3.5 and 212 pound wide receiver and win. He had success there like he did in the drills. "The defensive backs were supposed to be pretty good. We were murdering them at first. A lot of them were tough guys. With littler receivers that would work."

As for his team, they just started their spring practices today. It just so happens it is starting during the evaluation period and that is giving plenty of coaches an opportunity to come out and check out the receiver from San Diego (Calif.) St. Augustine.

"We just started spring practice today. As a matter of fact, Notre Dame, Idaho State and Idaho were there. I've had a lot of coaches come in. I don't even know all of them. Nebraska has been out here. Coach Gilmore and Coach Busch have been out. But you know that they can't talk to you because of NCAA rules."

The early talk was that Holt and Grandview (Mo.) quarterback Josh Freeman could be a package deal and that they could be committing together very soon. It seems like some things have changed in that scenario, for now. "I'm not sure, because I was talking to Josh Freeman, me and him made a deal that if he would commit that I would commit. Both of us would like to take all of our visits and maybe commit in September, so we aren't really sure right now."

Despite the timeline changing, the early favorite for both is still Nebraska. Holt has more than the possibility of knowing just knowing Freeman at Nebraska to start his college career. "Nebraska is number one right now. Jordan Congdon and I are pretty good friends. I always see him in the weight room. He is the only kicker that I have ever seen lift harder than anyone, even me. He is always doing something to get better."

"Jordan's dad is a huge Husker fan. When we went to Nebraska he lost his mind. He bought jackets, hats and t-shirts. And his dad has never been a huge football fan. His dad played tennis I think and Jordan did too when he was younger but didn't really like it. Now, he is gung-ho Nebraska. He got into the zone."

The big question here is, did Holt purchase Nebraska merchandise? "Oh yeah, I bought a sweater. I had to. I went to the Bookstore. It was all Nebraska stuff. It was all jackets and clothes. I was like, I don't see any books. I didn't see any books."

Camp was an early possibility for Holt to come out and see Nebraska again. However, he is going to have some on-going schedule conflicts with passing league. "I'm not sure about camp out there. I have a lot of stuff to do for our passing league. I'm not sure what days I am doing it. Hopefully if all goes well maybe I will go and visit a camp."

"I don't have anything like scheduled, scheduled. I really have to decide what I can fit in and afford. I need to find out dates too that I can go. These things are cost money unlike the combines."

Holt doesn't have any camps scheduled or any official visits yet. He knows about one official visit for sure, but beyond that he is still waiting to see who else offers. "I know for sure that I want to go to Nebraska, especially after hearing how much fun that Jordan had while he was there. I will definitely visit there. I am not really sure about the other visits yet. Some schools wait to offer you. I am not really sure what offers I will have at that time."

"I still have the two offers right now, Nebraska and San Diego State. My coach said basically all of the Pac 10 are going to offer. I am not sure who else is going to offer yet. SDSU is right around the corner. Our athletic trainer is roommates with one of the coaches at San Diego State. I always hear things from him to go to San Diego State. Jordan goes to my school so he wants me to go to Nebraska and our quarterback Jason is going to Michigan so he is always trying to get me to go to Michigan. I will make sure to make the decision for myself."

In regards to the Nebraska official, Holt is eyeing an early game in Lincoln. He saw the spring game and said that he heard the regular season crowds were a lot larger and louder. "Yeah, I am probably going to go to the first couple of games. I went to their spring game and that was just ridiculous. I was talking to some people and they said that was no where as loud as it gets for a real game."

"I can't remember which one I was thinking about. It will probably be for the Wake Forest game."

Holt seems to just be waiting to reap the rewards of being a big, athletic receiver that can be a game-breaking receiver at the next level. But he isn't content just being great at the high school level. He wants to get ready to be great at the next level.

"Always getting faster and always getting stronger. When I get to the next level everyone is going to be fast and everyone is going to be strong. You have to find what separates you from everyone right now. I know like mentally I have to prepare myself."

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