Seth Jensen talks about his top five

The attention is growing for Seth Jensen. That's good, because that's what any prep player wants. The hard part, though, when it does start to happen is how to figure out amongst all these great teams, is there any one or group of a few that stand out. Well, right now there is and Jensen talked about his current top five.

Defensive tackle Seth Jensen (6-4, 270, 4.9) from Fort Morgan High School (Colo.) claims written offers from Colorado, Colorado State (first to offer), Nebraska, Iowa State, UCLA and Wyoming.

"Right now I don't have a leader, but for my top five, right now I like Nebraska, Colorado, Colorado State, UCLA and Iowa State," he said. "I want to commit to a school during the middle to the end of July, so that I can get recruiting out of my system and focus on the season ahead."

"The best facilities that I've seen so far have been at Nebraska, Colorado and Colorado State. But I'm really looking at the academic factor in a college because I'll need something to fall back on in case football doesn't work out. I want a good environment, good teachers and coaches and a supportive community that will stand behind its program regardless of what happens to it.

"I've been to both Colorado and Colorado State a lot. They've both got some great academics there and I've got to keep them in mind because they're in-state schools.

"I was at Nebraska for both their JR Day and their spring game. It was a great experience for me. If you haven't been there, you should go because they've just got an amazing campus.

At first, when they offered me, I was a little skeptical on them because they're such big rivals with Colorado," said Jensen. "But going there really changed that. They had so many fans there for that spring game and everybody there knew who I was. I got to shoot shirts out into the crowd at the spring game and there were so many people in the stands chanting my name when I did that.

"All you could see was red in the stands at their spring game. The fans there are just great. Even though Nebraska had some losing records lately, they've still had 219 consecutive sell-out games, so you know that they've got some great fan support. I also really liked the academic center there. They've got a great tradition with their academic all-Americans that have graduated…they even had some painted portraits of some of those guys in their honor. That was awesome from an academic standpoint.

"One thing that interests me and my dad a lot about Nebraska is how the head academic director took my dad and I on a tour of the campus," he said. "He told me that they really try to work around your football schedule and they stick you in classes that have to do with what you want to major in. It's kind of hard to explain what I saw when I was there because it was an amazing experience.

"Oklahoma is also strongly considering offering me. They've got an excellent football program there. I'm going there on June 3 for a half-day evaluation. They might put me through a combine-type thing, or up against other kids, just to see how I do. They really just want to see me in action before they offer, and they also want to see what kind of personality I have. The coaches have told me that they like what they've seen on tape, and if Oklahoma offers, it will definitely move them into my top five," he said.

Jensen has attended JR Days at both Colorado and Nebraska, and says he will go to both programs this summer for camps.

"Coaches have told me that I've got great size and that I pursue the ball well. I've got great speed, size and strength on the line, and I really out-match some people out there.

"I want to work on everything for this next season. Our old coach, Rick Kahl, recently retired this past season, and we've got a new coach with Jeff Hamilton and the rest of his staff he's bringing to our program. I'm trying to get everyone on the team motivated for this season by running as a team after school together."

Final JR (3-10) stats: 65 solos/25 assists/2 FR/3 FC/7 hurries/2.5 sacks; Bench: 295/Squat: 360/Power Clean: 250/Vert Jump: 29"

2.9 GPA/18 ACT--June 11 retest

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