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Ryan Tolar is a 6-5, 330-pound offensive lineman from Pasco, Washington, and Tolar took part in the All-American Combine in Berkeley, California this past weekend. He left the field pretty frustrated about his play in the one-on-ones, but also admitted that he had a lot of fun and learned a lot about his experience away from home.

"We had a lot of fun," he told "We got down there on Friday and got to walk around Cal and see the school."

Of all the lineman invites from the , only Tolar, Alex Linnenkohl and Mikel Camus from Olympia Capital and Mau Nomani from Tigard, Oregon took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the combines. Why did Ryan feel the need to travel from Washington? "I think the biggest thing is just being able to go down there and compete," he said. "It's nice when you can still play football in May. There were a lot of good players out there. Whenever you're in a situation like that you know you're going to have to compete. And if I go to another combine, it's going to help because now I've seen some things I'd never seen. Like the l-cone test ... that's the first time I'd ever done that."

Even though he left the combine a little down on his own individual play, he's certainly thrilled with how his recruitment is going. He now has scholarship offers from Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Arizona State, Nebraska, Utah and Montana State. "I called a couple of the coaches after they offered me and and they told me they like the way I finish plays, the way I get downfield," he said. I've always liked how aggressive I am."

He's been a standout for the Pasco Bulldogs ever since the beginning of his sophomore year, but it wasn't always that way. "I've got to give that to my coaches," he said. "When I got to high school, I didn't have any technique. They helped me all the time on that."

Ryan is just as open to the possibilities of the recruiting process as the day he received his first piece of mail, but the time is coming where his list is going to have to be narrowed. "My goal is to make my decision as soon as possible, and that when I make that decision it's one-hundred percent," he said. "I'm just getting to the point now where I'm figuring out what schools I want to officially visit."

Tolar already has two in the hopper - Nebraska October 8th and Washington either the first weekend or second weekend in December. "Hopefully it's later in December, because that means we're still playing," he said of his playoff ambitions.

"They (Nebraska) wanted me to come visit during the season, so that's how it worked out. It's just the way it had to be done."

Ryan is also looking at taking an official to Washington State, but the familiarity with Pullman and the campus might steer him to areas he hasn't seen yet. "I've been there so much," he said. "And there are others, like Notre Dame, that I would like to visit if it's a possibility. And Utah too, the other schools that have offered."

Even though everybody is still even in Ryan's eyes, he did talk about why he felt it was important he set visits up with Washington and Nebraska so soon. "Well, with Washington I knew I wanted to visit again to get to know the coaches and players more, and I knew that I always wanted to visit Nebraska ever since they offered me," he said.

There's been one guy around the Pasco campus that has made Ryan fully aware of the possibilities that exist in Lincoln, Nebraska. His name? Big Red signee Leon Jackson. "He's been kind of in my ear about it, but I'm equal right now to everything," Ryan said. "I'm learning about all of this stuff as I go along, so I'm just trying to get as much information as I can."

In the meantime, it looks like Tolar will be working out in preparation for spring practice at Pasco and the Bulldogs' summer camp is at Eastern Washington. "I'm going to Washington's camp too," he said. "I also have been talking to other guys, like Cameron Elisara and (Andy) Mattingly and (Paul) Senescall about what they are doing, see what's up."

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