California wideout looking to get NU offer

Anthony McCoy has a problem. He's 6 foot, 4 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds. No, that's not the problem. He runs right around a 4.6/40. Nope, that's not the problem either. He starts for Bullard high school in Fresno, California, on either side of the line. Yeah, that's not a problem as well. The problem is, you have this kind of versatility, who knows what position everyone wants you to play. They want him for everything. That's a nice problem to have.

Tight end, wide receiver, defensive end, linebacker – the list is long for Anthony McCoy in trying to figure out which position at the collegiate level he'll be playing. As a wideout for Bullard, McCoy caught around 50 balls for approximately 900 yards, scoring eight times. As a linebacker, Anthony notched 10 sacks, 40 total tackles, 20 of those being for loss.

With Anthony's size, you can see the dilemma for coaches as they just don't know where to put him. Ask Anthony, though, and he knows right where he'd like to be.

"I like defense and I can play either way, but I want to be a wide receiver," Anthony said. "I know I am being recruited for other spots, but if two schools are the same and one is offering me for defense and the other for offense, I'd probably go to the one that's offering me for the offense."

Hard to doubt the physical potential of McCoy, because it offers you a variety of options as to where you can put him on the line. For Anthony, put him anywhere, because he'll do things most receivers don't like to do. "I like blocking," Anthony said. "I like doing the crack back blocks and being physical with the guy across from me and I love man-coverage."

With his size, you can see why, McCoy stating that when a DB is playing him tight on the line, a smile crosses his face, because he knows exactly what he's going to do. "Guys try to get aggressive with me, get up on that line real close, start talking all that smack, but that's not going to work against me," he said. "And, it doesn't matter what the play is either, because if it's a run, I'm putting him on his ass and if it's a pass, I'm just going to knock him off the block and leave him."

McCoy's sheer nature and love of beating his man physically, that's much of the reason he's being recruited for all of the aforementioned positions from schools like California, Oklahoma, Washington State and Fresno State, all those schools having offered him in writing.

Most schools say they will play him wherever he fits, some say they want him as a tight end and a school like Nebraska, who McCoy is expecting an offer from, they want him to play on defense, possibly on the outside.

That leaves the dilemma, but right now, it's more about where he's looking at versus what position he wants to play right now. Part of that decision comes from what he wants to do as opposed to what those close to him want. "My family, they are telling me that I should stay in California and just be close to home," Anthony said. "I'm not real sure on that yet, because if the right school is there and it's not here, I don't think I am going to turn that down."

"I'm basically just looking for a place that fits me, feels like a place I want to be, where I get along with the coaches and the players. So, I don't think a lot about the location right now."

Now, Cal is a team that Anthony is seriously looking at right now, mostly because he's familiar with them, their academic tradition and the fact that he'll more than likely be recruited to play on the offensive side of the ball. But, again, Anthony says that it's not just one thing, but everything that makes the difference. "I want the ball in my hands or have the ability to get out there and make plays," he said. "I want to contribute and be part of a good team."

"I'll go wherever fits me the best, but at this point of the year, I'll hopefully have a lot more choices in front of me when the season starts."

Anthony will probably have that, stating that at the soonest, he'd make his visits during the year, but might opt to wait after it, so that it doesn't conflict with his final season of prep-ball. And, after that will come the process of taking the five or more schools and widdling it down to one.

With McCoy's versatility, though, he's not worried about where he ultimately goes, because he knows that he can play either side, with equal effectiveness. "Put me on the field and let's play," he said. "That's really what I want to do, just play."

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