Eugene Hearing Good Things From Nebraska "Brother"

Help Wanted: Lockdown corner to help improve University of Nebraska secondary. The Cornhuskers haven't been shy about letting prospects know about the sign on the front of the shop and it appears that Jai Eugene might be just the man to take it down and apply within. Find out what Jai's been up to lately and how he performed at a recent Nike Camp.

Barry Cryer and Jai Eugene are "brothers". Sure, they're not related through blood or marriage, but rather by a common bond and a respect that grows out of several years of being there and experiencing life with one another. Barry has been sure to let Jai know all about his budding exploits at the University of Nebraska. Barry told me it's great down there. They have great coaches, they had great fans. I've known him all my life," he said. So with his "brother" on the sidelines for the Cornhuskers, where does that put them on Jai's list of schools to consider? "They're up there on my list, I don't have any top list but Coach Blake is recruiting me, he's a great guy. He always tells me it's not about football it's about our relationship as people, he wants me to play football but he's more concerned about having a relationship with me," said Eugene. John Blake is known around the country as one of the finest recruiters available and he definitely takes the time to let Jai know that he is wanted by the Big Red. "Coach Blake sends me a lot of mail, handwritten letters and things about the school. He talked about how he wants me there, how I can make a big difference, how I'm a shut down corner," said Eugene. Right now, it appears that the big guns are starting to be rolled out for Jai's benefit, at least from a recruiting standpoint. Three schools appear to be distancing themselves from the pack in terms of recruiting the hardest and they want to put their best feet forward. "It's a lot. The majority is LSU, Tennessee and USC, those three. Head coaches are coming to the school instead of assistants, Les Miles came out, Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer is coming Monday," he said. Jai spent some time in Oxford, Mississippi on the campus of Ole Miss where a Nike Camp was being conducted. Eugene felt he performed pretty well at the event. "We ran the forty, we did vertical jump, we bench pressed and did one on one coverage. I ran a 4.4 40, a 4.2 shuttle and lifted 185 twelve times," he said. While Eugene has no favorites as mentioned above, there are several former teammates who have returned to the school to give him advice and tips about how to play the recruiting game. "They're telling me make sure the choice is what you think is the best fit, don't rush, check the roster and depth chart and don't let anyone make the decision for me," he said. In terms of when he expects to make a decision, right now it appears to be a February date for Mr. Eugene. In terms of visits, Jai will be tripping to Lincoln along with some other locales in the near future. "My coach and I are coming to the camp for the summer. I'm going go to a USC camp, Tennessee camp and probably a Florida Camp. I went to Miami's last summer," he said.

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