Olive Branch WR Has NU In Top Five

Much to do has been made of the Summers brothers from Olive Branch, Mississippi as of late, but let's not forget another prospect who is equally as talented as the duo in Allen Walker. Walker discusses what one school seems to be recruiting him the hardest along with where Nebraska fits into his future plans.

Theoretically, the Olive Branch football team should be pretty stocked with talent this year as several members of it look to be playing Division 1-A football in the fall of 2006.  Two of the obvious members of the cast are brothers Anthony Summers and his pass-snagging brother Markeith Summers, but Anthony has another target he'll be keying in on this upcoming season and that's in 6' 2" 200 pound Allen Walker.

In catching up with Walker, he mentioned that one school in particular seems to be recruiting him the hardest these days.  "Probably Ole Miss, they send the most mail of anyone.  They always let me know what's going on and try to make me feel that they want me the most," he said.  Currently, Walker lists his top five favorite institutions as Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Florida and Nebraska

Nebraska is taking a long look at several members of the Olive Branch club along with several other colleges around the country, but what does Allen himself think of the Cornhuskers?  "They're up there in the top five.  I talked to Coach Blake a couple times and every time I talked to him I've been impressed.  I like his southern style, he seems like he's from where I'm from and I could probably get along with him pretty well.  He does a real good job of recruiting," said Walker.

In terms of the sort of correspondence that Walker receives from the Big Red, he says plenty is coming and he's well aware of the Cornhuskers' desire to see him on their sidelines.  "They send pretty much the same stuff as Ole Miss, they talk about the program and they ask me what I've been up to.  They're just trying to get me to come there," he said. 

Walker is starting to put together a summer itinerary which will see him visiting several campuses for both camping trips and unofficial visits.  "I'm probably going to take a few this Summer.  I'm probably going to go to Nebraska and Florida (for visits).  I'm going to camps at Ole Miss, MSU, Tennessee and LSU and it's a possibility that we might go to Alabama," said Walker.  Allen mentions that quite a few schools have been out to evaluate him thus far including Nebraska, Ole Miss, MSU, Auburn, LSU, Louisville, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Tennessee, Rice and Miami.  We'll be sure to continue following the Olive Branch crew as they march towards their senior seasons.

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