Georgia LB/DE Hearing From Huskers

With talk of Dontrell Moore looking to play a tweener role between linebacker and a situational pass rusher, a prospect has emerged out of Georgia that might produce the same state of affairs. Find out which schools are after this unique defensive prospect and where Nebraska fits into his eventual plans.

Morrice Richardson is the type of athlete that you could really droom into the type of role seen during Demorrio Williams' stint as a Nebraska Cornhusker.  Richardson has speed running a 4.58 40 yard dash at a recent combine, but he also spends some time with his hand on the ground as a defensive end.  Standing 6' 1" ½ and weighing in at 228 pounds, Richardson offers the size and speed to step into the Trev Alberts/Demorrio Williams role much as Dontrell Moore may this upcoming season.

Richardson had 85 tackles and three sacks as a junior and currently has offers from Maryland, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, MSU, Louisville, Nebraska, Indiana, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech and Clemson.  He is also receiving interest from Georgia and Auburn while claiming no leaders.  He does not currently have any plans for camp and cites his strengths as his hustle along with his ability to be a team player and a leader for his squad.

Currently, three teams appear to be edging out the competition for the label of those recruiting Morrice the hardest.  "I'd say between Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Nebraska.  All of the schools are recruiting me hard though.  They send me messages, I call them, when we get on the phone, we don't talk about just football, we talk about life in general," said Richardson. 

In relation to all of the other teams who are hot on Richardson's trail, he says that the Cornhuskers have as good of a shot as anyone to land his services.  "Nebraska's always been a powerhouse. They've got a tradition of sending linebackers in the league. It's in a different city, different state and it's a different place.  They've got a very realistic shot, every school is very realistic.  I may see something in a school two months down the road that I don't see now.  I don't want to have tunnel vision," said Richardson.  While Nebraska's correspondence with Morrice has been sparse, he does get to talk to the Big Red on the phone quite a bit.    He mentioned that Georgia, Oklahoma and Florida State seem to be sending him the most mail currently. 

When looking at big factors that will work their way into Morrice's decision, he's somewhat particular about being able to go to the same school as his cousin, Asher Allen.  "It's not a necessity, but it'd be good," he said.  Richardson said that Allen's decision will weight about 50-60% on his own.  Aside from the Allen Factor, Richardson is also looking into off-the-field environment, what his parents think of the school and academics.  Morrice is looking to study environmental engineering and business so that he can start his own garbage and recycling company after his career is over.

In terms of visits, it appears that it's going to be on a first come, first serve basis.  "Mainly Asher and I want to go to the schools that offered us first and then get everybody else," he said.  We'll be sure to keep up with the tight duo of Richardson and Allen on their way to their senior season and on to Signing Day 2006.

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