Mission Bay wideout happy with recruiting

While the off-season progresses, it is usually anything but an off-season for some of the hottest prep-football players in the country. Between the coaches coming to the school, the endless barrage of letters, and spring football to boot, there's no rest for the weary. Mission Bay's Anthony Houston is enjoying, though, and he's enjoying all the possibilities for the future.

 At 6 foot, 4 inches tall and weighing around 200 pounds, there's little doubt that as a wideout, Houston is going to get some attention. His size is ideal, plus his reported 4.45 speed isn't going to hurt his stock a bit.

That's how it's been for the last few weeks, the letters that just keep pouring in. "I get a lot at home, but I think most go to the school right now," Houston said. "It's a lot, I know that."

The letters, as you can imagine, are from just about every school in the Pac-Ten and the letters just extend farther east, coming from places like Notre Dame, Michigan and Ohio State.

The offers currently are from Nebraska, Arizona and Colorado, but Houston is looking forward to seeing if there's going to be some more. "I'm having fun with the recruiting right now," he said. "It's just fun all these coaches coming by, asking about you and all that. So, I'm just seeing what happens."

There isn't a dream offer out there for Houston as he's adamant that his totally wide open at this point. But, because schools are recruiting him for both sides of the ball, he's definitely got a position of choice. "I like wide receiver, because I think that's what I do the best," Anthony said. "I like defense, but I like when I have my hands on the ball."

With his hands on the ball, Houston caught 17 balls in the very run-oriented Mission Bay offense last year, taking four of those balls in for scores. On defense, he did manage to get his hands on some balls there, grabbing three interceptions on the season.

With his size, though, even Houston will admit that he's used to getting a lot more respect on offense than on the other side of the ball. Even if the team thinks Mission Bay is going to do nothing but run. "Yeah, they play me like I'm getting the every play," Houston said. "They don't try to bump me, because that's what I want, so they give me a lot of cushion and I know they are getting help over the top."

There isn't one style that Houston likes as he molds himself after a variety of players, but there's a couple of players at the next level that Anthony does try to learn from, as much as he can. "I like Braylon Edwards, because he can just do it all and I look at someone like Jerry Rice, because his work ethic is the best there is." Anthony said.

That's what Houston is getting ready to do now, spring ball just about to start for them, whereas it's long-gone for most other schools around the country. For him, it's good, though, because it gives him a reminder of last year, but a little taste of what's to come. "I can't wait to get out there, even if I know it's spring," he said. "It's football, so I'm ready to go whenever."

That's about the only place Houston is likely to go this summer as he said he's not attending any camps, or taking any unofficial visits before his final year of high school ball starts. But, when the season commences, that's when he's going to start taking his official visits to schools as of yet, undetermined.

"Right when September gets here, I want to start taking my visits," Houston said. "I'm not planning on making a decision until around January, but I wouldn't mind getting the visits out of the way as soon as I can."

Back to the favorites, though, Houston insisted he didn't have any and that the three teams have offered don't necessarily have the early lock for his officials to come later in the year.

It's the off-season for him and while he's still got some football to look forward to, he's not going after the recruiting, rather he's letting it all come to him right now.

"I got time, lots of time," he said. "There's way too much that can happen between now and signing day."

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