J.B. Walton Has Cornhuskers Amongst Favorites

Nebraska's head coach and offensive line coach both know a thing or two about coaching the big hosses up front and you'll have to excuse them if they set their sights high when it comes to potential charges. They've got their eyes firmly set on one of the top offensive line recruits in the country in J.B. Walton, but does he share the same affinity?

J.B. Walton is the kind of offensive lineman that makes no bones about the idea that he loves his work.  He claims the J.B. stands for "Just Bad" if that gives you any kind of indication of where he seems himself as a competitor.  Walton has been called one of the finest offensive line prospects in the country during this recruiting cycle and the Big Red are known for producing a fine offensive lineman or two, so they had to throw their hats into the ring.

Currently, J.B. reports that a team out of the Big 10 seems to be doing the most damage in recruiting him.  "That would probably be Penn State. They send me letters every day and they're mostly written by the offensive line coach or the defensive line coach. I appreciate that and to me it seems like they care," said Walton. 

Another school that appears to be showing Walton the love would be a school that prides itself on putting out quality offensive linemen – the University of Nebraska.  "They're sitting in my top ten," he said.  "When I sat down and talked to the guy from Nebraska, he was talking about the history and I told him what I knew.  He gave me great info on the school and I told him they would probably be one of my visits," said Walton.  It's no surprise that the Nittany Lions and the Cornhuskers are two of his favorite schools along with Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Florida and Oklahoma.

When it comes down to just when J.B. will be pulling the trigger for his eventual commitment, he mentions that while he does want to take his time to make a proper decision, he's probably not going to wait until the depths of February to choose.  "I'll probably wait until the end of the season.  I'm in no rush but after the season I'll probably sit down with my coaches," he said. 

Walton is currently planning visits to Florida, Georgia, Florida State, Tennessee, Nebraska and LSU while also noting that several of those schools and more have been down to evaluate he and his teammates.  "Georgia, LSU came down, Miami, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Penn State's been here twice and they came back last week.  Maryland came down, Michigan State, too," he said.  We'll continue to detail the recruitment of this fine young stalwart from Maryland.

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