Where Does NU Stand With Virginia RB?

One only has to take a look at the list of offers that Richmond, Virginia's Brandon Minor has to appreciate just how good of a back that his potential schools think he is. We caught up with Brandon to get an idea of where he stands in terms of his favorites, what he's going to be doing in the next couple of months and where Nebraska stands with him as of right now.

The list of schools chasing Varina High School's Brandon Minor gives you a pretty good idea about the level of runningback a potential school feels they can get with his commitment. Miami, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Nebraska and Oklahoma have all offered Brandon a place on their team, but of course, only one school gets to be the fortunate one and have him sign on the dotted line.

Right now, though, it appears that a commonly-known SEC team is putting up the hardest fight when it comes to the recruitment of Minor.  "I'd have to say Florida. They've been contacting me, they're sending me stuff almost every day," he said.  Currently, Minor lists all of the schools who have offered him as his favorites with the exception of Tennessee whose spot he has replaced with the Michigan Wolverines. 

When it comes down to just how realistic of a shot that Nebraska has to land Minor, he's pretty optimistic for everyone in the race.  "Everybody's got a shot. I know a little bit about Nebraska.  I know they like to run the ball a lot," he said.  He mentioned that Nebraska has been keeping up with the letters to him.  "At one point all of them write and sometimes a just couple.  They said ‘you'd fit well in our program, you'd be a good runningback for the system'," he said.  Minor has made the decision that he is going to wait until Signing Day to announce his eventual school, at least at this point.

Currently, Minor plans to take visits to Miami, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska and Oklahoma and mentioned that Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Nebraska, Oklahoma, LSU, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Kansas State and Ohio State have all been out to observe he and his teammates during the month of May.

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