Cornhuskers After Texas Big Man

Nebraska finds itself looking to supplement as much talent as possible in at the defensive tackle position in the coming years and may be looking to one of the finest prospects at said position in the state of Texas to do it. Find out more about this large prospect, who he holds as his favorite school and where Nebraska stands in the thick of things.

Brandon Antwine spends his days in Garland, TX doing his best to take up space in the middle and cause havoc on the inside.  That's what has caused a fair number of programs to offer him in order to secure his commitment come Signing Day.  He stands 6' 2" and weighs in at 275 pounds while reporting a 4.9 40 yard dash, so the size is there as is room to improve to an even more dominant player.  He currently benches 315 pounds, squats 565 pounds and power cleans 315 pounds.  He was named First Team All-District and Lineman of the Year for his work in 2004-2005.

Antwine currently holds offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Arizona, Arizona State, Tulane, UTEP, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Indiana and Boston College while receiving heavy interest from Florida, Auburn and USC.  Even though he has no offer from the Trojans, they are his current number one school.  He does plan a camp in California with the defending national champions along with a camp in Gainesville, FL.  He cites his strengths as being aggressive, quick off the ball, a smart player and dedicated to the game. 

While USC seems to be the school getting all the love from Brandon at this point, two Big XII schools are reportedly the ones doing the damage in recruiting circles.  "That would have to be Texas Tech and Iowa State.  They can't call so they send me a message or let me know they're thinking about me.  They send me some mail that the head coach has written letting me know more about their school so I can be more informed," he said.

With an offer in his pocket from Nebraska, Cornhusker fans no doubt are wondering what their chances are with the big man from Garland.  "I think Nebraska has a very good program, they're a real well balanced team and they can put up a fight.  They probably come in at about the number six spot," said Antwine.  He did mention that there hasn't been a lot of correspondence between he and Nebraska as of late.  "They send me my scholarship papers but they really haven't sent me anything after that," he said.

Looking into some of the major factors that Brandon will use to compare schools, it appears that Antwine is all about life after football.  "My major factor is my education because I'm not guaranteed to play football all my life so I'm looking for a good business program.  I don't want a really big school but not a small school, something in the middle so I can relax but be focused," he said.

In terms of making visits, Brandon has already made one to a somewhat close by school and is beginning to plan his next moves.  "I made an unofficial visit to Arkansas and I plan on visiting Iowa State, USC and Florida I'm not really sure what the other ones will be," he said.  Brandon did mention that Nebraska in the running for one.  Brandon also mentioned that several of the schools mentioned above have come to evaluate him along with Wyoming, Washington State and North Carolina.

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