Being popular can be a little confusing

It's a problem you'd like to have as a prep-player aspiring to play division 1-A. Having 26 of those division 1-A schools having offered you in writing already. That's the problem linebacker Anthony Lewis has right now – a problem that will probably only get "worse".

Last year at this time, Haltom City, Texas standout linebacker Anthony Lewis wasn't thinking about all the choices he would have to play college football at the myriad of great academic and athletic programs around the country.


He didn't have any.


This year, though, 26 written offers takes a person that wasn't totally sure of their ability and made even a modest person realize that something is up. The coaches see something that Lewis would say that he doesn't see, but not because he doesn't have the ability. Rather, that's just how he is.


"I don't get caught up in the hype and stuff like that," Lewis said. "I just do what I do and I'm just glad that it seems like it's what coaches are looking for."


Ok, yeah, that's nice, but who wouldn't be looking for a linebacker that stands over 6 foot, 2 inches tall, weighs around 220 pounds and runs a 4.6/40? Not many, especially when Anthony can translate to that field as he did last year, posting 110 tackles, including five sacks, plus three forced fumbles and two interceptions.


26 offers later, Anthony feels that the offers are sort of a justification for what he's done up to this point. "It's like a reward, I guess," he said. "When you get the offers, you think that they obviously think you are good enough and like what you do. It's not like I tried to impress anyone while I was doing it, but I guess it did anyway."


Anthony is understated about his image when it comes to his game, but not his game itself. He won't boast and go on about what he's done, but get him in the mind-set about talking how he operates out there, you'll find a very soft-spoken person give you just a glimpse of his mentality on the field.


"Well, you have to be aggressive out there, otherwise you aren't going to be successful," he said. "Play smart, make sure you don't miss a guy, but if you have a free shot at someone, you make it count."


"I'm not one that talks about sending messages, but it never hurts to really lay it on someone if you have the chance."


The schools have obviously laid it onto him, the offers piling up, far more than Lewis would have ever thought. But, just this last week, the sheer enormity was starting to hit home. "Yeah, just sitting looking at all this, this week, I knew I was going to have a problem getting this list narrowed down," he said. "I've thought some about the recruiting, but probably not as much as I would have, if I had known I was going to get this kind of attention."


With that water under the bridge, the recruiting does take a little more notice from this time forward, Lewis saying that he's taking some unofficial visits this summer, but only knows where one of them is going thus far. "I know I am visiting Washington State, but that's it right now," Anthony said. "I want to take some others, but I just don't know where."


Now, amongst those offers is Nebraska of course, but like many schools Lewis is looking at, he's not gotten to get to know them as much as he would like. For him, it's one of those learn as you go processes. "I know they have a great program and I have gotten along with the coach, but I have to look into them more before I can really say where they might sit with me in the future," Lewis said. "It's like that for almost everyone, though, so I've got a lot of looking around to do."


Another school that will invariably come up, due to his location is of course, the Longhorns. The conversation is quick about Texas, though, as Lewis look at their current class of commits, closing in on 20 already and says that he's looking elsewhere. "They've already gotten like three linebackers, so it's just one of those schools that I am probably not going to be looking at as hard as I might others." Anthony said.


That "everyone" means almost just that, the offers not limiting Anthony to who is looking at and why. Well, the "why" part of it might seem obvious, because he wasn't looking at most of the schools that have offered him now and look what happened.


From now on, he's going to be ready for the future. "Yeah, I'd say that anyone and everyone is probably a team I'll look at, because if someone comes and offer me, it's probably going to get to the point where I don't have the time to learn about them from scratch."


"So, I'm taking my time and just learning as much as I can when I can and I'll try to sort it out as I go."

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