Is Devin Ross Coming To Lincoln?

Rancho Cucamonga's Devin Ross is no stranger to attention. That much is known, but what has he been up to lately? Has he determined any new favorites? Are any schools starting to distance themselves as recruiting leaders and just how much attention is he getting these days? Also, find out where he stands with Nebraska and his recruiter from the Cornhusker State.

Devin Ross had to find some place to put all of the handwritten letters that he has received from schools across the country, so he decided to get creative.  "All of my walls are just covered in them," he said.  Ross also admits to the fact that he has a pretty decent-sized room, so you get an idea of just how many trees have died to bring a coach's musings to Rancho Cucamonga. 

You may think that with so much attention that one school would be standing out, however that doesn't appear to be the case according to Devin.  "I can't really say whose recruiting me more.  Pretty much every school I have an offer from. I have two new offers which I got today from Oklahoma and Boise State, also," he said.  With two more offers in his back pocket, it appears that Devin needs to find more room on his walls or locate space in the hallways.

Much like the situation with a recruitment leader, Ross claims no actual leader for his services at this time rather subscribing to the theory that after he has done his homework on the teams after him, he'll be able to make a much more informed decision.  "Basically everyone's even until I can decide who is giving me a chance to play. I'm going to work hard and see if I can make it as a true freshman, but there's no leader right now," he said.

Despite having no leader whatsoever, Nebraska fans have no need to despair.  In fact, there is some good news for the followers of the Big Red.  "I'm very interested in Nebraska. They're my first official trip, which is September 3rd, their first game of the year, so they're very high on my list," said Ross.  Devin will be treated to a unique atmosphere in Lincoln as the Cornhuskers will be opening their season with a night game, so the mood surrounding the game should be electric.

Nebraska has sent Safeties Coach and Special Teams Coordinator Bill Busch to begin the recruiting process in person with Devin's staff and so far things seem to be going well with the recruitment overall.  "I talk to Coach Busch about once a week, we try to stay in contact.  Other than that, he gave me a call yesterday for their first call, but I wasn't available so I guess he's going to give me a call tomorrow.  I get a lot of mail from them, I'm looking at my wall right now and there's like twenty letters from them," said Ross.  It appears Coach Busch and Devin are making some solid connections as well.  "He's a nice guy. I talked to him quite a bit so I feel we have a good relationship," he said.

When it comes to sitting down and making an eventual decision, it appears it's going to come down to visits and what will be provided for Devin.  "I'll probably decide after I take my trips and get to know the coaches more. That will determine my decision.  I'll talk it over with my parents to see what they think, what I think and just go from there.  I will probably take all of my visits to see what each school has to offer before I make a decision," said Ross.

Ross has already visited Arizona and Arizona State unofficially and mentioned that even though he only has five official visits, he is going to try to get to every school who has offered him to get the full range of what is being offered.  He also reports that Boise State, USC, UCLA, Cal, Tennessee, Notre Dame, San Jose State and Nebraska have all come by the school to evaluate him and his teammates.  According to Ross, about four schools per day come to visit.

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