Nebraska offers big time defensive end

Nebraska has been scouring the nation from East to West and North to South looking for the nation's best. The Huskers may have spotted a very good one during the evaluation period out on the East Coast. However, this is the 20th offer for this young man, so is becoming a Husker really something that could be a reality?

People tend to look at the evaluation period as a time when the coaches are running on pure adrenalin trying to hit every school possible. But, what about the big time football players that are getting bombarded with calls and offers?

For Jason Adjepong it starting to become a bit of a logistical nightmare. Trying to remember names of schools that have been by to see you, called or even offered. Things begin to run together a little bit.

"It's not as stressful as I thought it would be," Adjepong said. "My coach is giving me just as much as I can handle and is doing a good job helping me out. It's good."

"I know Iowa, Miami, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Ole Miss, Rutgers, Minnesota, Kentucky and I have a while bunch of cards. Most of the same schools have called."

"I got six calls the first day. It's hard and I don't want to leave anyone out because I don't want anyone to think that I'm not interested in them. That's definitely not the case. I am wide open right now."

Going outside of the box that is the evaluation period, Adjepong has not just been waiting for schools to call, but he has called them. It is a good way of showing interest, but it is also a chance to set up a call with more than just you and the coach.

"Actually I have called some of the coaches so that they wouldn't lose their one phone call on me that came in earlier. I had a chance to talk to them with my mother and my brother. The schools that called me were Virginia, Marshall, Virginia Tech, Ole Miss, and I can't even remember."

He didn't get to call everyone although he did call quite a few. The stud from Carteret (N.J.) is now up to 20 offers, but he refuses to name a leader and says that no one is standing out.

"I'm up to 20 offers. I won't put anyone ahead of another. There are some schools that are recruiting me that I'm not sure that I am going to have any interest in. I don't want to say. Anything can happen. As time goes on I will be taking more schools off the list."

Schools could be taken off the list for any number of things. Adjepong is looking at who is writing him and paying attention to him the most. The list isn't exactly small on that list though.

"Virginia, Ole Miss, Michigan State, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Minnesota, Penn State, UConn, Maryland are all schools that I am getting letters from two to 10 times per week. These are letters from the coaches and different people with the staff. These are the schools that are really concentrating on me."

Adjepong will not let distance be a factor when it comes to making his decision. Some of the big things that he is looking for in a college includes academics, but most of all the academic support situation at a school.

"No, distance isn't a factor at all. Of course there is academics. When I say academics though it is more so on the academic support team. I want a school that is going to stick with me whole four years or however long. If I decide to go far away my mom is not going to be there to ask if I got all of my assignments done. Other than that, I want to play big-time football."

You can sum up Adjepong with one word: athlete. It's something that he prides himself.

"I'm an athlete. When it comes down to it, I am a 6-foot-3 and 260 pound athlete. In my eyes, and a lot of peoples' eyes around here, there aren't too many people that can do the things I can do; as far as running, speed, quickness, hunger and a passion for the game. I'm a kid out there. I just want to win."

Adjepong used that athleticism last year to the best of his ability and had a monster year from his end position. "I had 87 tackles, 22 tackles for loss, 12 sacks, four forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, one returned for a touchdown, and an interception."

This spring has been busy already with unofficial visits. He is planning on taking some more. However, there are two places that you won't find Adjepong this summer and that is at a camp or combine. Some might cite possible injury, but Adjepong wants to get his team ready from this fall.

"I won't be going to any camps or combines. So far I have been to see Virginia, Rutgers, and Penn State. I am looking into taking more unofficial visit in the upcoming months. Virginia Tech, Virginia, Boston College, Syracuse, Rutgers and then from there I might go see some schools a little further out. I don't want to be too far from my team."

"I am just going to be with my team. I don't want to leave here giving them the example that it is OK to just leave. It's not OK to leave your team for camps or combines. We should be working towards winning."

Nebraska is one of the many teams that have stopped in to see Adjepong this spring already. He has taken the time to even call the Nebraska coaches and says that he will seriously consider The Big Red.

"Nebraska offered, but I am waiting for it to come in. Coach Cosgrove is recruiting me from Nebraska. I have spoke to him maybe three times and he also came to the school. I am definitely considering Nebraska. It's a big-time conference. It's a prestigious school and a big-time school. It's Nebraska, who wouldn't want to go there?"

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