California DT knows where one official might go

For some recruits, it's never too early to talk about recruiting. Heck, it's never too early to think about taking visits, some of them official. Well, defensive line prospect, De'Shon Matthews is doing just that and as for officials, he's got a pretty good idea where one of them will go.

The last time we caught up with Elk Grove, California's De'Shon Matthews, he had a few offers, letters from just about everyone and a definite love of the local powerhouses: USC and UCLA.

Even with the fact that neither of those team had offered and schools like Nebraska, Oregon State and Arizona had, the Bruins and Trojans seemed firmly affixed atop his list of would-be contenders.

While there's still a definite affection for both those schools, Matthews said that he's not closing the door on any potential schools. "I'm looking around, definitely," he said. "I like both USC and UCLA a lot, plus Cal as well, but I'm keeping everything pretty open right now."

Matthews has actually added a few more offers to his list, local schools San Jose State and Sacramento State throwing their hat in the ring. The University of Nevada has offered him as well.

It's too early to think about narrowing a list, especially when he's looking for his top schools to send him an offer, but Matthews said that out of his official visits slated for during or after the season, he's got one school in mind thus far.

"I think I'll probably visit Nebraska," De'Shon said. "I've gotten to know a little about them and they seem interested enough and have a pretty successful program, so I'm thinking that I'm going to go out there to take a look."

Now, Matthews, like many other California preps aren't aware of the history of Nebraska, because history to them in what's happened in the last three or four years. That would apply with De'Shon, but he's got a decent handle on what's currently going on at NU. "I know that the guy that would be my position coach (John Blake) is an ex-NFL guy and that means a lot," Matthews said. "You don't know that you'll end up there, but having a coach there that knows what it takes is good."

Matthews should end up one of the better interior line prospects in his league this year, the 6 foot, 5 inch 270 pound tackle coming off a junior season, where he had over 80 stops, including 14 for loss and 6 sacks. De'Shon also blocked a punt and had one fumble recovery.

These are all stats he thinks he can better this year. "I'm just looking to get bigger, faster and stronger and see where that takes me," he said. "You just want every year to be better than the last and as an individual and a team, I am doing my best to make that happen."

There aren't any camps planned for the Laguna Creek standout, outside of his team camp to be held later this summer, but that doesn't put recruiting on the back shelf for him. He's still eyeing as many teams out there that he can. "I like a lot of teams, like Notre Dame, Texas and of course, the big schools close to home," he said. "I'd say that I am just looking at everyone right now."

As for the reality of what kind of chance Nebraska has, even if they can get an official from Matthews, De'Shon wasn't committed to NU not being in it at the end, but if any of the big boys offer, that's probably where he'll be.

"I guess if both programs were equal, I'd take the one closer to home," he said. "We'll see, because I don't know what's going to happen. You never know how this all could end up."

Matthews currently has a 2.7 GPA.

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