Perfection is the name of the game for Torchia

So many times it is said that a player could play a "number of positions". That saying couldn't be more true with Joe Torchia. He is a standout on the offensive and the defensive side of the ball, but which position is he being recruited for and which one does he prefer?

At 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds, Joe Torchia from North Arlington (N.J.) Queen of Peace does just about everything that he wants to do on the football field, but that isn't enough. With one week of school to go, he is in the weight room and studying film trying to improve himself.

"We're in the weight room doing plyometrics and stuff like that," Torchia said. "Obviously you always want to improve your speed, strength and agility."

"I've also been working on, basically, all of my game film from last year. The mental aspects of the game. I am trying to look at my tendencies and different techniques that I can improve on like running my routes."

When it comes to breaking down Torchia's game he considers himself a good blocker, but really feels that his biggest strength is catching the ball.

"I think that I am a good blocker, but I think that my best attribute would have to be my hands. I had 21 receptions, averaged 27 yards per catch, 586 yards receiving, six touchdowns and defensively I had 58 tackles, nine sacks, seven batted down passes, two fumble recoveries, and a forced fumble."

While he is a standout player on both sides of the ball, he is only being recruited to play on one side of the ball so far. That is fine for Torchia as that is his preference.

"Schools are recruiting me as a tight end and I prefer tight end. I love catching the ball and scoring touchdowns obviously. Making that big run or the big block. I think that it's easier than defense because on defense you have to read and on offense you know what play is coming. I think it's a bit easier."

The size to go along with 4.7/40 speed and his production on the field have yielded nine offers so far. While nine have stepped up to offer, many others gave Torchia a call in the evaluation period.

"I'm up to nine offers. There's Rutgers, Michigan State, Nebraska, Kansas, Duke, Maryland, Virginia, Boston College and Akron. I am still weighing all of my options when it comes to my leaders. I really have to sit down and look at the academics aspect as well as athletics."

"All of the schools that offered called as well as Colgate, Yale, Northwestern and Harvard."

One has to wonder what type of grades Torchia has then to receive interest from schools like Harvard and Yale. Needless to say, he has the grades and a dedication to his class work that is equal to his work on the field.

"I have a 3.893 GPA, like an A average. I took the SAT, but I was a little disappointed. I got a 1060. I was disappointed with that. It was kind of a personal deal."

Torchia hasn't been to any camps so far this year and is unsure if he will attend any. He has taken in some unofficial visits so far this year and will make some stops on a trip that will take him to see family in Florida.

"No camps yet, I took unofficial visits to Rutgers, Maryland, Virginia, and Boston College. I don't have any camps planned. It's really something that I need to sit down and talk about with my coaches. I'm not sure if I am going to do any."

"I know that my family and I are taking a trip down to Florida. A majority of my family live in Florida and along the way we might stop at Virginia, Maryland, Duke and I don't who else. We'll just have to wait and see."

Torchia doesn't think that distance will be an issue when choosing a team and in evaluating Nebraska due in part to having family spread out all over the nation. "Distance really isn't that big of a deal to me. We have family all over the nation and it would be good to be near to some sort of family wherever I go."

"I know that they are a little further out than the rest, but I am really just evaluating their academics. That plays a big part in my decision, because if football doesn't work out I need something else to fall back on."

As of right now Torchia hasn't set up any officials, but Nebraska has made an impression to Torchia so far when it comes to tradition and academics. "Nebraska obviously has a great football tradition. I know that Nebraska has good academics."

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