Chad Roark Talks Nebraska; Names Favorite

Nebraska fans have been familiar with the name "Roark" ever since Craig committed to Nebraska last year. They've also been familiar with Craig's brother Chad who has warranted some pretty good offers, but there's been none from Nebraska as of yet. We caught up with Chad to talk about camp experiences, communication with the Huskers and even found out who leads for his services in his eyes.

One of the names that Nebraska fans in general have known about for this recruiting cycle was the same one they became familiar with over the past several months.  The first name's just different.  Chad Roark has been on several Cornhusker fans' wish lists ever since they heard that 2004-2005 signee Craig Roark had a baby brother that did pretty well on the defensive side of the ball.  Interestingly, he hadn't received an offer from Nebraska while several other programs ponied up with full rides.  We were able to catch up with Chad and discuss what's been going on with him lately.

Chad recently attended a camp with some of his buddies and actually got into a scuffle with one of them resulting in a very unfortunate injury.  "We were having a scrimmage, I was hooked up with someone and my best friend comes over and cuts me out of nowhere. We both got mad, I stood up and pushed him, he swung at me, I swung at him and my finger got caught in his facemask. I broke my middle finger in three places," said Roark.  Chad has had the finger in a splint and will be getting it repaired this week.  "I'm having surgery on Thursday and I'll be in a cast for six weeks.  They don't know how much I'll be able to do.  I'm going to bring a broomstick and they're going to see if they can mold the cast around it so I can still lift and stuff," said Roark.  The cast is going to be from about his middle forearm to his hand.

The injury comes as even worse news for Nebraska fans hopeful of an offer for Chad at an upcoming Nebraska camp as it puts his attendance in doubt.  "I'll just have to see what I can do, if I think I can go up there and perform well, I'll go but if I can't perform well, I won't," said Roark.  It also appears that Nebraska's correspondence with Chad has been rather bland in the eyes of the Ada High School prospect.  "They haven't really sent me a lot of mail. They send me the stuff they send everybody. I haven't gotten any handwritten letters," he said.

Other schools are anxious to see what Chad can do, however.  He currently claims offers from Florida, Florida State, LSU, Iowa State, Colorado, Colorado State and SMU amongst others.  Right now, his favorite school is Florida State.  "I like everything about it.  The opportunities for playing time, the coaches are great guys, I like coach Bowden too," he said.    Chad said that he's not necessarily in a hurry to commit, but rather, when it's time, he'll know it.  "When I'm at a place and it feels right, I'll commit," he said. 

Chad will be making an unofficial visit to Florida State during the second or third week of June and plans to make an official visit there as well.  He also plans to make official visits to Florida and LSU with two others possible.  Roark also plans to come up and visit his brother in the Cornhusker State for about a week's time.

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