Can Huskers move in on relocated DT?

From the Midwest to the Atlantic Coast, the move hasn't kept colleges from keeping tabs on where he goes. The 6-foot-2 and 305 pound defensive tackle is ready for the season to start and the competition to be a little better. His eyes aren't set on where he will visit this summer, but they are fixed on what he hopes to accomplish.

Aleric Mullins made a move. Not across town or to the next town, but from Missouri to Wendell (N.C.) East Lake. The move was really sparked for a need to challenge his abilities.

"The competition. I wanted a little more competition for my senior year that I wasn't getting in Missouri," Mullins said. "Getting attention there wasn't a problem. I just wanted to go somewhere where the competition was better suited for my abilities."

The move wasn't made randomly. There was a reason why that area of the nation was settled on. "We have family in the area. We have people here."

To this point, Aleric (pronounced AL-air-ric) has collected five offers with many more looking close to extending an offer. "I am up to five offers right now. They are from Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan State, North Carolina State and Oklahoma. Those are my only five right now. I've been getting a lot of attention from Iowa, Indiana, North Carolina and Nebraska."

Those five teams are seeing a very polished player in Mullins at this stage in his life. He has had the benefit to have good coaching and has been blessed with great size and good athleticism for a big man. It has led to success on the football field.

"I think that I have been well-coached. Also my power, my size and my athleticism. Last year I had 70 tackles and six sacks. I made first team all-conference."

The summer has just started, but as of right now there aren't a lot of plans that Mullins has made to get out to see schools or hit camps. In fact, there really is only one scheduled camp that he is planning on so far. He was in San Antonio in February for the Army All-American Combine and was very successful.

"I haven't made any unofficial visits yet this year. As of right now, I don't have any planned. I am just going to get ready for my senior season. I went to the combine in San Antonio and was voted the MVP of the defensive lineman and I was invited to another one in Champaign, Ill. that I was invited to."

"I tried out for the Shrine Bowl this last Saturday. It is a game between North Carolina and South Carolina. I feel like I did pretty good there. I am going with my team to team-camp at ECU this summer."

The goals of the year are to be a little bit better conditioned than last year for Mullins. "My personal goals I want to get in better shape. Last year I wasn't in tip-top shape and this year it is my goal to come into the season in better shape."

Despite some reports that Mullins is carrying a Nebraska offer, he isn't. He has spoke to Coach John Blake though and would like to possibly make a summer camp in Lincoln, but he's not sure if that is possible. There is no doubt though, he is interested in Nebraska.

"I guess it was their defensive line coach that called me and he wanted me to come to their camp. It's going to be pretty hard for me to get out that way this summer, but I will see what I can do. I talked to them about me moving and what I knew about Nebraska. It's supposed to be a great school and a great football atmosphere. Of course I am interested in Nebraska!"

Here are two highlight clips of Aleric Mullins:

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