"The Deal" coming close to its conclusion?

There was plenty made of "the deal" last year at Nebraska. The offer of a scholarship to quarterback Harrison Beck and the commitment to him that no other four year QB would be recruited if he opted to be a Husker. Well, there's a new deal in town, but between players rather than coach and player and both are actually recruits. Menelik Holt and Josh Freeman both made a deal and it looks like sooner rather than later, we'll see if it is actually legit.

Ok, let's get the easy stuff out of the way, that being the most recent offers wide receiver Menelik Holt has gotten, his count now up to five:

Idaho, UTEP and Utah.

The funny thing about written offers is that before you get one, you'll take anyone, from anywhere at anytime.

However, when you already have San Diego State and Nebraska as written offers, the aforementioned three might not seem all that sexy, even with Utah having the stellar season they did last year.

Is it quantity or quality or both that most recruits want? Holt would tell you that the bottom line isn't how many you get to say how many you possess, it's how many opportunities that means. "Hey, I would love to have offers from every school in the country, so that I could just pick from any school as to where I want to go to college," Holt said.

"It would be great just to be able to look at them all and know you have the opportunity to play there."

Not even the best of the best in the history of this game have been able to say what Holt would consider ideal. Names like Kevin Jones, Adrian Peterson, Tommie Harris – all almost legendary in their high school days, none committed to any school within even twenty schools of having everyone in division 1-A.

Of course, 70 offers is still beyond comprehension for most athletes, but ideal is just that.

What Holt wants are the choices. The glamour he leaves for those that actually care about that sort of thing.

"Just having the offers is nice, I guess, but I like the choices that having all those offers gives you," Holt said. "But, It's not like I want to be the best guy in the country. That would be nice, but my ultimate goal is to make the All-American Bowl."

The annual U.S. Army All-American Bowl has taken on a life of its own, becoming THE game for the best prep-players in the country to showcase what they can do in front of a crowd that has broken the previous record in attendance every single year it's been active.

Players now dream of playing in that and in many cases, if they make it, that's where they want to announce exactly which school it is they will be attending.

In respect to that, though, chances are, Holt's recruiting process probably won't make it that far.

You see, there's this deal of sorts that was made between Holt and Grandview, Missouri's Josh Freeman. A deal that basically said that if Freeman went to Nebraska, Holt would do likewise, making Nebraska the owner of one of the better package deals in prep-land this year.

Since that deal, there's been adjustments back and forth, due to the change of heart of one or the other, the most recent update having both looking at taking their official visits, the final decision possibly not coming until somewhere in December.

Things might have changed.

."I just talked to Josh and it sounds like he's going to do it pretty soon" Menelik said of Freeman choosing a school.

That change is one that Holt has to either embrace to keep the deal intact or distance himself from, if he's truly want to see the process out. So, this begs the question and based on the assumption that Freeman chooses Nebraska, if Josh does indeed pull the trigger soon, is the "deal" still good to go?

"Yeah, I'd say it is," Holt said. "Josh and I even talked about calling up coach Busch (Bill Busch, safeties coach at Nebraska) on a conference call and doing it at the same time."

"It's just talk right now, but I think he's (Josh) getting tired of all the recruiting stuff."

Hard to question someone that is sitting on close to thirty offers, Freeman's name continually climbing the charts as one of the most coveted quarterbacks in the country. Holt himself has also been showing a spike in popularity, especially since a good showing at the Scout.com All-American combine in Los Angeles.

There's the rub in that you have two players that would seem to not have to worry about being recruited, rather how long they want this to go on. The schools continue to send letters, offers and show enough interest and Holt himself sees the positives behind taking his time.

The deal, however, it wasn't made between two kids that just said something to say something, because that's what kids do. It was said, because both feel that each offers a lot to the future. For Holt, he genuinely sees Freeman as one of the best. "He's got like 26 offers right now, so that says something about what schools think he can do," he said. "We've gotten to be friends, but I'm not going somewhere just because the guy is my friend. I am going there because I know he can play."

Holt isn't shabby either, the wideout standing an almost ideal 6 foot, 4 inches tall, weighing in at just over 200 pounds and running at around a 4.6 clip in the forty. Also, he like Freeman has that wonderful thing we like to call "upside".

It's not what they can do right now, but what they can do down the road and for himself and for Freeman, Holt sees the sky as the limit. "I look at some of these other wideouts that are ranked pretty high right now and I don't much they can do that I can't, if anything," Holt said. "I have confidence in what I am able to do out there, so I know that if I work hard like I have been, I'll be able to get the job done. And, Josh, well, like I said, he's got almost 30 offers, so you don't need to say much more than that. He's good."

When you talk about package deals, a Nebraska fan will think of the Bullock twins, brothers that if you get both, it's hardly climactic, because it's almost expected. Then, there are other package deals, players from the same school opting to continue their days as teammates at the collegiate level. That's not that strange either.

If you are talking two players separated by a couple of thousand miles, though, that's one of the rarest package deals you'll see. Two individuals that basically by chance met up at a game, clicked and the rest they say is history.

Or, is it?

That's what Husker fans are waiting for, possibly what Holt is waiting for as well as the chances of this deal now appear as probable as they have ever been.

If Nebraska does score this talent twosome, they will have secured one of the best package deals you are likely to see this year. As for Holt, he's very smart about it all, knowing what could be, but realizing now what is.

"We'll see what happens," he said. "Part of me wants to go through this whole process and part of me doesn't. But, I'd say if Josh goes, I'm going to."

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