A.J. Wallace Keeping Up With Cornhuskers

Nebraska fans have known about him since around sometime last year when word of David Harvey's commitment came to Lincoln. The Nebraska staff, however, has known about him far longer than that. A.J. Wallace is the man in question and he's a big want in the eyes of both the Cornhusker fan and the coaches alike. Find out where he stands with the Huskers and what he's been up to.

A.J. Wallace can't solve the Cornhuskers' depth problems at cornerback by himself, but he could certainly put a dent in things with a commitment and eventual signing.  He is being pursued by some of the top programs in the country and none of them are going to let him get away without a fight.

In terms of the schools that have been hitting the Pomfret, Maryland prospect the hardest, he said, "Probably Florida, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Miami, Florida State, LSU, Georgia and Michigan.  Michigan sends a lot of messages and we've had good conversations.  Connecticut, LSU and Florida all brought their head coaches down to the school."  Wallace has a different type of relationship with his recruiter from Nebraska, however.  "I've known Coach Elmassian since I was a sophomore, so when we talk it's just a regular conversation.  I would think (the relationship) is pretty unique since I've known him the longest," said Wallace.

Wallace plans to start narrowing down his official list of choices once school concludes for this year.  Getting down to the nitty gritty, Cornhusker fans want to know if they have a chance at this bona fide stud off of the East Coast.  Wallace admits that Nebraska has as good of a shot as anyone at this point.  "They've got a pretty good chance.  They're talking about me being able to come in and play, of course that's appealing.  The coaching staff, I get along with everybody well down there," said Wallace.

A.J. has been pretty happy with the level of correspondence he has received from Nebraska to date.  "They've been sending a lot. Quite a bit of it is handwritten.  They're letting me know they're thinking about me and everything and they want me in Lincoln," he said.  Wallace's initial plan is to get a solid idea of where he wants to go during the football season and then pull the trigger once the pros and cons have been weighed.  "It might come down to Signing Day, but I don't think it's going to take that long. I do know it's going to be after the football season.  I'll be taking my official visits during the season," he said. 

Wallace mentioned that he is planning to camp at Michigan this month and also wants to get down to LSU and Florida.  His coach is also planning to visit Nebraska for a period, so Wallace may follow along for a third trip to Lincoln.  The list of schools that have visited him in the month of May is about as impressive as Wallace's actual offer combination.  The schools include Florida, Miami, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Nebraska, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Syracuse, Connecticut, Michigan, Michigan State, Temple, North Carolina State and Duke.  We'll be sure to catch up with A.J. in a few weeks to see how things are progressing.

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