Surprise team in early favorites for Campbell

Lots of kids have already made their first run to the nearest lake or ocean after their schools were done for the year. For others, there are weeks left and state track. Bruce Campbell talks about his goals with spring football, the possibility at a state title in track and his favorites.

It's easy to see an athlete when they are a shade over 6-foot and 185 pounds and run a 4.3. The comes Bruce Campbell that plays offensive tackle and defensive end at 6-foot-7 and 265 pounds who is running a 4.75.

Now that kind of athleticism is just unheard of.

Campbell and his team from New Haven (CT) Hyde Leadership are just getting into spring ball. While many would be concentrating on conditioning or making themselves a better player; Campbell is focused on the rest of his team's improvement.

"We just started spring ball today," Campbell said. "I just want to get the backups tougher and ready for the season."

Besides spring ball, Campbell is getting ready for state track. He probably could put on a pair of spikes and run a spring, but he is doing very, very well this year in the shot put and could very well win a state title this year.

"I'm still in track. It's going good. The furthest that I have thrown was 54-feet-2. I qualified for state and I have that on Monday."

"I could win it possibly. Three people just threw over my longest mark yesterday."

Besides the conclusion of track and the rest of spring practice, Campbell's schedule is free. That isn't that he won't be working out getting ready for the season, but that he isn't planning on attending any camps. He really doesn't have to.

"I am probably not going to do any camps. Most of the schools that I wanted offers from I already have offers from. They all told me that I don't need to come to their camps."

While Campbell may have almost all of the offers he was hoping for he has still lost count of all of the ones that he has. "To tell you the truth, I don't know. I really don't know."

While an exact count really isn't possible for Campbell to give off of the top of his head anymore, his leaders are. Just recently Campbell sat down to think about who his leaders were and has it narrowed down a bit.

"I have sat down to think about my leaders a little. I would say that my leaders are (in no particular order) Maryland, Virginia, Michigan State, Florida, Miami and Nebraska."

Campbell is looking to stay closer to home and at academics when it comes to picking out a school. "I am looking for the location and the distance. Education will also be a part of it."

Will distance be what gets Nebraska eliminated from his favorites? It's possible. But so far the Nebraska coaching staff have been too much for him to not put them into his leaders.

"I don't know, Nebraska is kind of far, but I like their recruiting coach and that is why they are still in it."

"I call Coach Cosgrove and I like the way that he talks to me. It sounds like they are being truthful. They really talk to me like they really want me. Everytime I call them they tell me that. I get mail from them, a lot."

While Campbell is unsure about keeping Nebraska in his list of favorites or if they will get an official visit, he is set on taking two officials right now, but they aren't technically set yet. "For a fact, I will be going to Maryland and Virginia for official visits. For a fact. Those are my top two teams, I think."

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