The Deal Is Sealed: Josh Freeman

There was quite a bit of talk about "The Deal" between Josh Freeman and Menelik Holt. The deal has now come to fruition and both prospects are now members of the 2005-2006 Cornhusker recruiting class. We were able to talk to Nebraska's newest signal caller in Freeman and find out how he felt about the recruiting process being over and done with.

Josh Freeman has had it with the recruiting process and he's made his decision: He's a Cornhusker and that's that.  He and Menelik Holt called up Jay Norvell not too long ago (about 5:00 P.M. CST) and during a three-way conversation, pledged their loyalty to Nebraska and the Cornhuskers' future. 

Freeman said that after talking with Holt and the coaches, he knew there was no need to prolong the event any longer.  "We were talking about it last week and were talking with the coaches today and they said that they'd take me hands down over anyone in the country and that they could work with me to get me to the level I need to get Nebraska to a national championship," said Freeman.

When asked if he will be taking any other visits, Freeman scoffed a bit and said, "I'm done."  With Freeman now in the fold, Nebraska's quarterback situation looks even brighter with Zac Taylor and Harrison Beck already ready to go.  Freeman said that he is committed to Nebraska, "110%". 

Josh also mentioned that not only is he looking forward to setting foot on Nebraska soil yet again, but hanging around some of the extraordinary talent that is being amassed.  "I'm looking forward to kicking it with Marlon Lucky, Zach Potter and working with Coach Norvell day after day," he said.

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