Jones showing stuff at Outback Camp

It's tough sometimes about making decisions. Sometimes those decisions solve all of the problems and have immediate results. Other times, you make that decision and must wait until you can actually do something about that decision. While D.J. Jones waits to sign with Nebraska he will be doing his best to get ready for the season and getting used to Lincoln as much as he can this summer.

It was pretty big news the day that D.J. Jones decided that today was the right day to become a Husker. The 6-foot-5 and 300 pound lineman from Omaha (Nebr.) Central potentially may be the best lineman to come from in-state in a long, long time.

Jones is a smart kid and that intelligence is something that is far too often overlooked as a need for a lineman. But, he also has prototypical size and nice athleticism. Right now, he is getting a first-hand look at all of the competition in his district going through the Outback Camp in Omaha.

"I am going to the Outback Camp right now and that is going pretty good," Jones said. "It's for all of the schools in the metroplex. We go through drills and then on the last day we scrimmage eachother."

"I've been looking real good. I haven't seen a lot of competition. We scrimmaged against North yesterday and we did pretty good against them."

While Jones is there with his teammate he will be without one key cog to Central the past years on the gridiron and the court this fall in Derrick Russell. While Russell may be leaving Central to go to Lincoln, Jones is staying put and is looking forward to being at Central next year.

"At first we didn't know about it, but Derrick Russell is leaving Omaha Central to go to Lincoln Northstar. I am staying at Omaha Central. Somebody messed that up. I had told someone about Derrick and they said that it was me."

While he is in the Outback Camp right now, Jones isn't sure about the rest of his time this summer or about any other camps. He was thinking about possibly heading to Lincoln. "I was thinking about going to Nebraska for one of the sessions. Maybe just for a couple of the days. That is a possibility."

While Jones may be in Lincoln one time for camp he plans on being in Lincoln a lot to have a chance to really learn the town, the campus and getting to know the atmosphere of Lincoln. He wouldn't mind getting a sneak peak of the players as they do their summer conditioning either.

"I am planning on being in Lincoln a lot this summer. That is one of my priorities to get to know the atmosphere there. I would like to watch them during conditioning too."

It seems that an Omaha Central graduate is a constant on Nebraska's roster. The most recent to come from Central is Cortney Grixby who D.J. was able to talk to at graduation and had good things to say about the way D.J.'s presence in Lincoln is being looked forward to.

"(Cortney) Grixby was at the graduation tonight. He said things are good in Lincoln. He said that he and the coaches can't wait to get me down there."

While D.J. is done with his recruiting process it hasn't stopped an offer or two from making their way into his hands. The latest reached Jones a couple of weeks ago. The oddest part about it was that was the first time he had even heard from that school.

"As a matter of fact two weeks ago I got an offer from Houston. That was my first letter from them ever. I was like, dang I haven't heard anything from them. They really hadn't been recruiting me at all."

While Jones didn't make any calls to other schools to tell them that he was committing to Nebraska, the word made the rounds and schools have all but stopped sending him mail. "I am just getting a couple of letters here and there. Nothing serious. No handwritten letters from any other schools."

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