Change is good!

In a world of bigger and better deals, it's only better if it's bigger. It's only better if it's more for less. Well, let me introduce you to the best deal we've ever offered, where you just don't get more, you get incredibly more. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Ok, so there I am perusing aisles through one of my favorite book stores. I come across the Lincoln Journal Star's "Best of the Big Red running backs"; a recap of the greatest backs in the history of the Nebraska program.


It's a long list:


Derek Brown, Lloyd Cardwell, Ken Clark, Roger Craig, Tony Davis, Doug DuBose, Ahman Green, I. M. Hipp, Calvin Jones, Keith Jones, Lawrence Phillips, Tom Rathman, Jarvis Redwine, Jeff Smith, Frank Solich, etc. so on and so forth.


I move a little farther down the aisle and I happen across the magazine rack: The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, etc. so on and so forth.


Of course I'm smiling a bit as I happen across a copy of Big Red Report, Zac Taylor, embossed in scarlet, signifying the change of the guard at quarterback for a new regime at NU.


You can't go wrong with any of those mentioned above and certainly not all of them. I can't afford that, though.


The Best of the Big Red is a little over 20 bucks, a subscription to the Sporting News is over 20 bucks and the subscription to Big Red Report magazine and the on-line subscription, which gives you up-to-date information on the Huskers and recruiting, that's $99.95.


Each of them is worth the price, but I can't afford to buy them all separately.




Now I don't have to.


Right here, right now and for a limited time, I can get the annual subscription to Big Red Report Magazine, a year subscription to the Sporting News and a copy of "Best of the Big Red Running Backs"; ALL for $99.95.




Folks, I'm no Einstein here, but seriously look at that deal!


The yearly subscription to Big Red Report gets me the magazine and the website, which includes this up-coming Fall preview of the football team. It also gives me access to all of the recruiting content provided by the stellar recruiting analysts here on Plus, I get access to the premium message boards on Big Red Report, that allows me to share my obvious fanaticism with other like-minded individuals.


All that is worth the price, but now I get 56 issues of The Sporting News, which covers a ton of sports, all my favorite teams and players, plus great photos, analysis, statistics; heck, everything a guy could want.


And a book about some of the greatest Huskers to ever play, even before I was alive.


All for $99.95 and if I am already a subscriber to a different package, I can upgrade as easy as can be and the best thing is, if I have time left on my current subscription, I don't lose those months; they get added onto the package, so I haven't lost a thing!


I don't know about you, but when I think about the quality product here and yes, there's a little self-promotion here and of the people that work for BRR, but they are worth it, because outside of its timeliness and comprehensiveness, I know it's as accurate as you will see anywhere.


All of that together for that price, when it would have cost me around $150.00 if I bought everything individually.


You know what? Let's not stop there.


How about the 2005 Recruiting Guide; our guide to the stars of the future, a whole page devoted to each and every commit for Nebraska for the class of 2005. Analysis on that class, the national perspective and how this staff has changed the face of recruiting at Nebraska forever.


A 64-page book of reference that's a must if you want to get to know all of the commits before their careers at NU even start; this is just too good to pass up.

Seriously, how can you beat a deal like this?


You can't and if you've been riding the fence, looking for that best deal, the price and product that you couldn't over promote if you wanted to, this is it and it's for a limited time only, due to the fact that our inventory of the "Best of the Big Red Running Backs" is likewise limited.


You want video interviews with players, coaches and recruits? You want audio interviews with the same? You want photo galleries, up-to-date information on the team and all the latest and accurate information on recruiting?


You've found it and you found it at the perfect time.


There might be great deals in the future, but for right now, as far as I am concerned, this is about as good as you can get and if you are already a subscriber to one of the other packages, there's no better time to upgrade than now.


So, jump on in, take the leap and join the Big Red Report community and get all this great stuff for the same price; a price that I don't see how you can top. Subscribe NOW.

Enter the offer code: NETTL05 at the bottom of the page for this special promotional deal, or call the Sales Center at 1-888-501-5752 and mention the code NETTL05


Come on in and join in on the fun!

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