Huskers being considered by top East RB

The search is on by Nebraska to take a top running back this year. The new offense will require that the running back be versatile to run, catch and block. Nebraska has offered one of the best in the East, but can they get an official visit among the other offers he is already holding?

Evan Royster isn't making any plans to do much of anything right now other than work out. The 6-foot-0 and 190 pound running back from Chantilly (Va.) Westfield is already up about 10 pounds from last year's playing weight.

"No, not really. I really don't have any planned either. My plans right now are just to work out. I'm up to 190 pounds right now."

So what is Evan looking to improve? He rushed the ball 255 times for 2,160 yards and 30 touchdowns as a junior. As a sophomore he rushed for 1,690 yards and 22 scores. He also bench presses 315, squats 405, and power cleans 295.

"I am looking to improve speed, my vertical speed."

Royster already has a 4.45 speed and is holding some offers from some of the nation's best football teams. "I'm up to about 11 offers right now. They're from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Penn State, Virginia, Clemson, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Washington, Houston, Wake Forest, and Duke."

While one might guess that a Virginia or Virginia Tech offer would be what he was looking for because of his location and possibly grew up watching; you'd be wrong. "I grew up watching Texas. I used to live outside Dallas at one time and also outside El Paso."

While Royster is up to 11 offers already, he hasn't given much thought to any of them or anyone that he would consider a favorite. Admittedly, he probably hasn't given that the attention that it deserves.

"I really haven't thought about my favorites. I don't think about it as much as I probably should. I have sat down to talk about official visits with my coach, but we really didn't come to any conclusions at all about where I should visit."

While he is totally undecided about his favorites he did mention three teams as good possibilities that will receive one of his five official visits. "I will probably decide on where to visit this summer. I would probably like to go see Oklahoma, Florida and Nebraska. Maybe a California school too."

When Royster goes to look for a school it will be for an entire package. He is a stand out on the field and also in the classroom. He carries a 3.1 GPA and scored an 1140 on his SAT.

"I am looking at the environment, education and the program."

Royster calls himself a power back and says that he is as dangerous running between the tackles as he is turning the corner on the outside. "I run up the middle well," said Royster. "I'm a power back, but have pretty good agility too."

"I feel I can pretty much run through or around anyone, but I still want to work on my breakaway speed. I also need to improve my cutting ability and move my feet better."

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