With Johnson commit, is Barrie looking elsewhere?

The same question each year is asked over and over of hundred of prospects coming out of the state of Florida: What's it going to take to get them out of Florida? That's a question some answer positively, most don't, especially when it comes to the best of the best. Well, Nebraska's gotten a few; Tommie Frazier, Fabian Washington and most recently Harrison Beck, just to name a few. Well, they are trying to add at least one more.

Ok, ask offensive lineman Jim Barrie to recite his offers and kick back for a bit. It's a long list: LSU, West Virginia, Purdue, Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Kentucky, South Florida, Miami (Ohio), Pitt, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Florida State, Central Florida, Iowa State, South Carolina, Nebraska, Auburn, Duke.

Not bad

That's tiring just listening to it, but Barrie has to do more than just recite them, he has to look into them all as well. Ok, Florida International and Florida Atlantic, possibly not, but you never know.

No, actually, that one is probably a no-brainer.

Either way, Barrie says that it's not enough to read about the schools that have offered him or believe what he sees on TV. He needs to check it out for himself.

To that end, he's been at Nebraska for their spring game, Florida for theirs, but that's not even the beginning. That's going to start fairly soon and Barrie's early list of unofficial visits is long. "I'm going to Oklahoma, LSU, Florida State, Tennessee, Duke, South Carolina, maybe Clemson and probably a lot more," Jim said. "I'd like to go see everyone that's offered me, but we'll see how it goes."

If any of you happen to need any extra frequent flyer miles, Barrie's probably going to have some to spare after the Summer is over.

The thing is with lists this long and prospects this coveted, these recruits have become pretty savvy, knowing exactly what to and not to say:

I love everyone, there's no favorites and Florida International is right up there with Oklahoma.

Ok, maybe not.

However, while Jim probably isn't putting the Golden Panthers up there with the Sooners, he's not committing that any one team has an advantage over the other; not even Florida, which has a lot of local support. "Well, I know my mom REALLY wants me to go to stay close," Barrie said "And, my dad wouldn't mind either, plus we've all been Florida fans, so that's where most people thing I am going."

"I'm not going to exclude anyone, though, because we are all Steve Spurrier fans and he's up at South Carolina now, plus I really enjoyed my visit to Nebraska."

"I know I am going to enjoy probably every place I go and there's going to be something great about all of them. I just have to figure out which place will ultimately fit me the best."

The recent commit of All-Everything lineman Carl Johnson to the Gators has probably had some fans of programs other than Florida thinking that the door just opened in the sunshine state. With the Gators getting possibly the best player in the nation, that's bound to make other linemen recruited to play tackle take a step back and think again.

For Barrie, he looked at Johnson's commit as good for the program, but if he should decide on the Gators, good for him as well, because he knows he's going to have some big-time help. "The guy is awesome," Jim said. "I mean, you want to play with great players and that guy is one of the best."

To put it another way, the commit didn't change his attitude towards Florida one iota.

With all that out of the way, his visits on the way, Barrie will soon have either the map for navigation or the tickets for flying, ready to head out of state. It's a time he's looking forward to, because the sooner he does it, the sooner it's over and the more he can enjoy an up-coming September, where there won't be 50 schools calling him. Instead, there will hopefully be just five.

"That's what I am going to try and do," Barrie said of knocking his list down to the number of official visits he's allowed. "I know what others have told me it's going to be like when they all can call, so I am doing all this to get it figured out as quickly as I can."

"I guess, talk to me after all my trips are over and maybe I'll have something. I hope anyway."

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