A new top five for Chykie Brown

If there's any one constant in recruiting, it's that nothing is ever constant. Just when you think things are set in stone, you end up looking at an entirely different stone. That's how it is, especially with top five lists this early and one of the rising names in the world of top-flight DBs has himself a top five.

It wasn't probably two weeks ago when a representative of Scout.com talked with North Shore high school's Chykie Brown. And at that time, his top five was USC, Miami, Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

It's changed.

Why change and this early? Well, that's because it's this early and there's no reason to believe that unless that player is committing tomorrow, this list is going to stay as is.

Since one of the rising cornerbacks in all of the nation isn't doing that, this list is bound to fluctuate and at times, probably a lot.

So, for Chykie Brown, he's got a new quintet on his mind:

"Right now, I like Miami, USC, Ohio State, Texas and LSU as my top five," he said. "No order right now, but that's how it looks right now."

As for the change and why Oklahoma and Oklahoma State no longer reside on it, his explanation was simple: "I'm just going with the attention right now as to who seems to want me the most right now, those schools are hitting me pretty hard. USC and LSU haven't offered, but I'm pretty sure they will."

For the Husker fans in the group that have seen Brown's list at least contain Nebraska at one point, Chykie basically ruled Nebraska out. "I wouldn't say there's no interest, but there's not much right now," he said. "I just don't see them as part of that group I have. Right now, I'm just not all that interested in them."

Ok, so there's the new top five, a different from the one not just two weeks old. The question is, how long will it be before this one changes into another group of teams. "It's hard to say, but I kind of go with who's recruiting me the hardest and has a program that I think I might want to play for," Chykie said. "So, I am just kind of going with the flow right now."

Brown said that he won't make a decision until after his season of football is done.

Chykie has a 2.6 GPA and has a June retest for his SAT

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