Huskers step up to offer top cornerback in Florida

Some say it's easy for a player from Florida to get offers from schools from Florida. It might be easier, but you still have to be a heck of a player to get them. When you are a 6-foot-1 and 185 pound defensive back that can lock down your side of the field or potentially could grow into a big-time safety it's easy to see why one of the big in-state schools has offered, one is close and the other is knocking.

Some plan time away before getting into the weight room to start training. Others, like Ryan Hill, get things out of the way so that they can focus back on football and training as soon as they can.

"Yeah, I just had oral surgery the other day. It was my wisdom teeth, so I haven't been in the weight room much lately. I just had the surgery yesterday."

The standout defensive back from Tallahassee (FL) James Rickards is making a name for himself. He is into the double-digits in offers and is being touted as not only one of the best defensive backs in the state of Florida, but in the nation.

"I'm up to about 12 offers right now. They're from Florida, Auburn, LSU, Iowa, Iowa State, Rutgers, Nebraska, South Florida, and Central Florida."

The benefit of recruiting a guy like Hill is that he could actually fill a couple of holes on defense. He has that speed that you need in a cornerback to play a receiver on an island. But, he also has the size to patrol the middle and make the hit or pull off the interception.

"They're recruiting me as a cornerback -- safety. I have heard a couple of schools come up and say safety."

Hill tries to stay up to speed on his recruiting, but for some schools they just send mail to the school. He isn't aware of anyone that might be close to offering beyond one, big school to Hill.

"A lot of my mail goes to my school, but my coach tries to keep my up to date with my offers. I will say this, Miami has been talking to be over the last couple of weeks and I am going down to their camp (11th) and they are pretty much ready to offer."

While Florida is on board with an offer and Miami close; Hill isn't sure what the situation is with Florida State. However, they have tried to contact him recently and he was unable to talk to them.

"Coach Bowden called me and I didn't get back to them. I don't know the situation too much with Florida State. I am going to have to give them a call."

Beyond taking in a camp to Miami in the coming weeks there isn't a lot on tap for Hill this summer in terms of unofficial visits or other camps.

"I went to LSU and Auburn last year. I haven't gone on any unofficial visits yet this year. Beyond Miami, I might go camp at Alabama for a day. They really want me to come up there. I might also go to Florida."

Hill has things narrowed down right now to a top five. "I have a top five, in no particular order; Clemson, Miami, Florida, Auburn and Alabama."

Although he has a top five, he is only sure on taking one official right now, but he is getting around to thinking about the other trips that he would like to take. "I am going to take a visit to Clemson. I don't have any other visits planned right now."

For Hill, distance is going to be a big thing. So is the education program in his intended field of study, playing time and his potential development for getting ready for the NFL.

"I always told my mom that I was going to stay close to home; the SEC or the ACC is what I am looking for. I have a relationship with their coaches and I have liked what I have seen of them the last couple of years."

"I want to major in Criminology, so I will be looking at the Criminal Justice department. I am also looking for early playing time, the football program and whatever team gives me the best chances to get into the NFL."

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