Picking your favorites off the TV

It's hard to narrow your list when your list is comprised of some of the best college football programs in the country. Well, wideout Richard Jackson is trying to do just that. He's got a system, though, one which he says is the start to things, but doesn't necessarily point to the end. It's his own way to just knock this ever-growing list down, if just a tad.

Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Iowa State, Wake Forest, Louisville, Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina, Kansas State, Auburn, Alabama, Duke.

Those are the offers Clermont, Florida's Richard Jackson knows of right now. He says his coach knows of a few more. When you look at some of those names, though, you have to ask yourself just how much is too much for you.

Jackson isn't asking himself that in regards to recruiting. In fact, he's not asking himself anything at all. Right now, he's taking it all in because this super athlete says that he's got one problem that he doesn't want to get over right now. "I'm just damn lazy right now when it comes to that stuff," Richard said. "I'm looking, but I'm not really looking."

He doesn't have to as most schools are coming to him, the list definitely promising to get bigger long before it gets any smaller, something Jackson said he's going to attempt to do before his final season of prep-ball arrives.

He does have an interesting system, though, to at least make the initial dent in this formidable group. "Right now, I am going with the teams I watched a lot when I was growing up," Richard said. "It doesn't mean I know a lot about them, but I watched them growing up, so that's something."

Those schools are: Notre Dame, Miami, Florida State, Nebraska, South Carolina, Clemson, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma and Georgia Tech.

It's an interesting list, one that Jackson will admit he doesn't look at all that seriously right now, but it's a start and that's something.

How that list narrows down after he's taken out the face-time on national TV, that's where the good stuff begins. "I want to know everything about a program or at least what is going to effect me while I am there," Jackson said. "The coaches, how they relate to players, the depth chart and what kind of offense they run; that's a lot of stuff to look at."

"That's probably why I'm not jumping like crazy to do that, because I am just trying to enjoy the off-season a little."

That could very well mean no unofficial visits, no camps or even a bevy of phone calls to various schools, trying to figure out who, what and why.

And if you ask him who his favorites amongst everyone is, you'd find an answer somewhat expected, considering his approach. "Well, I saw Miami and Notre Dame on TV more than anyone else, so I guess them," Richard said. "But since I haven't actually looked at them real close, I don't know, but it's something."

You get the feeling that there's no answer coming anytime soon from Jackson as to just where he's going to go?

Yeah, figured you might.

It's ok, though, because it's not like the 6 foot, 2 inch, 190 pound receiver is going to get any less popular. Over 1,200 yards receiving in a year can do that for a person's popularity.

That won't be an issue as the months wear on. That and whether or not he can compete at the next level. Nope, the only question for Jackson, the one that will be the one single inquiry he'll have to answer before he can do anything about figuring all this out is pretty simple: When won't he be too damn lazy to figure it out.

" (Laughing) I don't know, I guess we'll see," he said. "I think I've got some time."

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