Allen Bradford Talks About The Recruiting Trail

Many of the top programs in the country are falling over each other for an opportunity to talk to Colton, California's Allen Bradford, one of the finest linebacker prospects in the country. We were able to talk to Allen and find out what schools are recruiting him the hardest and get his general thoughts on the recruiting process along with if Nebraska still stands a chance with him.

When people watch film of Allen Bradford, they can tell he's good.  When they look at his offers, they can tell he's good.  He's not just an athlete, he is the kind of player that can help take over a defense and give it an identity.  The only problem for Nebraska and the several schools recruiting him is that it's going to be one tough fight to get him to choose a side and the victor is going to offer him some premium conditions in academics and athletics.

Bradford is getting quite a bit of attention from around the country but was able to identify three schools that stick out as those recruiting him the hardest.  "It's probably UCLA, Ole Miss and LSU.  They're sending letters and they call my coach all the time.  I talk to them.  They want to know what I've been doing lately," said Bradford.  Allen admits that while those three schools are showing the love, he doesn't have any favorites at all and simply hasn't done a lot of research on any schools yet.

The good news for Nebraska fans is that Bradford says the Cornhuskers are still in it and have a great shot – just like everybody else that is.  "Right now, Nebraska's got to be in my top ten at least, but right now anybody's got a shot to get me.  I'm not going to narrow it down right now and I'll play anywhere no matter where it is," he said. 

Nebraska has been keeping up with the mail calls sending Bradford plenty of handwritten notes to show him he's on the Big Red's mind.  "Nebraska sends me a lot of mail.  I've talked to the coaches a few times, Coach Cosgrove the most.  They want to make sure I finish up school, they say ‘we look forward to seeing you' and tell me about the recruiting process," said Bradford.

Allen makes no bones about the idea that he will wait as long as necessary to make a proper decision even if that means waiting until February.  "If that's what it takes, I'd wait until Signing Day, but I know I'm going to make my decision after the season and I take my five trips," he said.  When looking at probable camping locations this month, Bradford already has a few picked out.  "I think I'm going to Washington and I'm probably going to go to Arizona this Saturday if I'm not doing anything and probably Ole Miss," he said. 

The idea of getting to go on some unofficial visits is appealing to Allen, but the idea of sticking with his team is a better one at this point in the year.  "We're thinking of more during the summer, but I'm just trying to stay with my team as much as possible," he said.

Bradford mentioned that such schools as Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Colorado, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Arizona, Cal, USC and Nebraska all came out to visit him and his teammates during the month of May and that the attention just seems to increase as the year carries on.

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