Two positions to choose from for Wujciak

Two-way players have it rough. They are on the field all the time, have to memorize both the defensive and offensive playbooks and depending on what position they play, they are more than likely involved in special teams. In regards to recruiting, it doesn't get any easier, especially if they are riding the fence on what side of the ball they want to play. Alex Wejciak has that problem, but considering the offers, it's been a pretty nice problem to have.

One of the better linebacker prospects in the northeast just also happens to be a tight end. 6 foot, 3 inch Alex Wujciak plays inside LB on defense and tight end on the offensive side of the ball for Seton Hall Prep in West Orange, New Jersey.

He's been offered for both positions, so he has his choice depending on what side he really wants to play. Alex sees the good on either side. "Defense, well, it's defense; you can be really aggressive, I get to run around and make plays and it's always good to be able to hit people," he said. "But with offense, you get the ball in your hands, you block and score, so that's a full package there to."

Out of the approximately 14 offers Alex has in writing, all but two of them are for the defensive side of the ball. The two that are offering Alex to be a tight end are UCONN and the University of Nebraska.

The question is, will the position ultimately dictate the school: "I don't think so," Alex said. "Right now, considering almost everyone is recruiting me as a linebacker, I'd probably go that way, but if I have a good relationship with the coaches and I see some real opportunities as a tight end in their system, I'm willing to look at anything."

The Huskers are probably the most realistic choice if Alex was to make one between themselves and the University of Connecticut, should he decide he wanted to play tight end. That said, Alex said that while he knew some things about the Huskers, he didn't know a lot about just what they do with their tight end and what kind of opportunities he might have. "I know they have a rich tradition of winning," Alex said. "It's a great program and if you know anything about college football, you know something about them."

"I don't know what they do on offense, though, not really and I don't really know how they use their tight end, so it's something I have to look into more."

Wujciak isn't just looking at those who offered, but those who haven't, Virginia, Miami and Boston College, three schools that are particularly intriguing to Alex right now. Even without a written offer from the trio, they are teams he's looking at a lot. "All of them are great programs and Miami, well, that's just Miami," he said. "You get an offer from them and that's something."

Those might come, but even if they don't, Alex has offers to choose from right now, from the likes of Michigan State, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Louisville.

Considering the location of some of these, that's another question that has to be asked; how far is too far from home?

"Distance isn't a huge issue, but I would like my family to be able to see my play," Alex said. "That's one of the bonuses to schools like B.C. and Miami, because it's right here on the coast. I'd look at going a ways, though, if I develop a good relationship with the coaches and the program is pretty solid overall."

Alex won't find out about most if not all the programs until he's taken his official visits either during or after his season. With no immediate plans for any unofficial trips, it's basically a game and "watch and wait".

No problem for Alex, as he's in no hurry to get this thing figured out as he's looking to start the season with a top ten and narrow it down from there.

As to any favorites, Alex said he has none, but if any of the aforementioned trio does indeed give Wujciak a written ship, there's little doubt they will jump very high up the list.

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