Cate in = Freeman out? Recruiting Drama ensues

It seemed that when Josh Freeman committed, the drama was over, Nebraska had gotten their quarterback and it was time to move on. Well, not to copy the now famous saying by ESPN's Lee Corso, well, ok, we won't. You know what I am getting at. Alex Cate comes to town, questions are asked and the answers don't seem to match up. Now, when this weekend is over, how many QBs will NU have? One? Two? None?

I was no doubt as curious as you were when after the commitment of quarterback Josh Freeman, there came news that Alex Cate was still making his way into Lincoln.

Surely that was a mistake, but nope, he made his way in and should be on his way home today.

He'll arrive to a flurry of phone calls no doubt, not just from every recruiting site that represents the schools he visited, but probably by half a dozen or more other interested parties from the Husker-state.


Well, Alex Cate is a quarterback and a damn good one at that. 40 touchdowns last year, close to 3,600 yards and he's apparently able to enroll it would appear immediately.

That would be a bonus for any program with a shot, but for Nebraska they already had their guy and he was allegedly the ONE guy they were going to take.

Ok, I can't help myself; not so fast my friends.

On the Average Joe Sports Show on ESPN 1480 AM right here in Lincoln, we heard Josh say that it was communicated to him that he was indeed the one and only man for the job. Well, last night, this scenario just overwhelming my curiosity, I picked up the phone, called him and what he said echoed those prior comments.

What he told me a recent conversation consisted of, however, was a little bit different. "They just told me that they weren't real happy with their quarterback situation and that they were looking at another QB," Josh said. "I was like ‘ok', but my dad wasn't real happy."

"He wanted me to open up my recruiting right now."

Opening it up means, of course, de-committing from Nebraska, opting to take a look around rather than wait for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. However, Josh said that he didn't agree. "It's still early, so I am just going to wait to see what they do," he said. "If they get another quarterback anytime soon, then I will probably open it back up."

If Josh does indeed do that, he said that Kansas and Michigan are two teams that are right there and if you remember, Freeman said that he chose Nebraska over the Jayhawks.

So, if Alex Cate does commit, Nebraska gets a very good quarterback, who's apparently ready to enter school right now. Also, Cate is probably the most realistic of the two, between himself and Freeman to see playing time earlier.

While Josh is a very talented prospect and his up-side is phenomenal, Cate would be looked at as someone who could come in and compete for a spot right now.

Of course, if Cate commits, especially soon, Freeman will more than likely de-commit.

On paper, that's bad, but you are getting a solid QB, no matter which way you go. But, unfortunately, ‘on-paper' isn't what most are going to see.

There is an unfortunate rule here that prohibits the coaches from Nebraska from publicly commenting on this situation. If this is a matter of misinterpretation, the only side that can be heard is that of the recruits and not the coaches recruiting them.

Because of that, we only have one view to look at and it's a decidedly negative view in regards to what was supposedly said at one point and what was ultimately done.

I can't and won't offer an opinion as to who is right or wrong; I can only look and report what I was told.

If you were to take this thing at face value, though, this is a situation that has a variety of endings, not many of them overly positive.

First, Cate commits, Freeman de-commits and you say that's ok, because NU got a good QB in the end. What you don't see is the ammunition that other schools will no use against NU in recruiting, taking a situation and using it to their advantage.

It looks as if NU told Freeman one thing and did another, so what's a recruit to think? Well, if they have time to think about it, actually do the work to see every aspect of the story, maybe they wouldn't have a narrow view of the overall situation.

What a school recruiting one of their recruits will say, though; well, you know what that is.

"It's dishonest," they would probably say. "It's saying whatever they can to get you to commit until they can find someone they like better. And when they do find them, look at what happens."

The worst scenario in all of this is Cate doesn't commit, Freeman takes what he heard or said he heard to heart and de-commits anyway. So, for possibly the only reason being a lack of communication or misinterpreted messages, you didn't get two or even one, but none and let's not forget if Freeman is gone, the package deal with wide receiver Menalik Holt is probably moot as well, so it's three down in one fell swoop.

For Freeman, he's taking the easy road right now, being typical to his maturity and intelligence. Not wanting to make any assumptions quite so quick, but being cautious, ready for the future. He knows what month it is as well as knowing what kind of offers are still on the table, so in the end, he's probably not going to lose.

He committed to Nebraska, though, obviously the place he wants to be and it was just a week ago when pulled the trigger.

Now, with all that has happened in one week, the question will be as to where Nebraska will be in that time frame with their commitments at QB.

One? Two? None?

Stay tuned. You probably won't have long to wait.

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