Cate Returns; Nebraska Now Stands Where?

With all of the rumor and speculation regarding the Josh Freeman/Alex Cate scenario that Nebraska currently faces, the picture got a little more muddled as Cate returned and spoke with us about his trip to Lincoln. Find out about Alex's adventures in Lincoln, his timetable on committing and if Nebraska is still being considered at all.

After hearing what current Nebraska QB commit Josh Freeman has said regarding Alex Cate's possible commitment, we have now heard from the other quarterback involved in the angle.  Cate returned from a whirlwind tour of four schools in a few days with a lot of information to sort through and one decision to come to.  "It was nice to see the difference between the schools and find out what I like," said Cate.  Alex said that one school didn't really stand out amongst the others.  "All of the schools were really great, they all had good stuff.  I tried to pick out the bad stuff and I couldn't find anything," he said.

Cornhusker fans following the Freeman/Cate scenario are pretty much waiting on Cate's foot to drop to find out what action is next from the stud signal caller from Missouri.  Alex's trip to Lincoln certainly didn't hurt his perspective of the Big Red.  "It was great, it was awesome.  The coaches were really nice.  I watched them workout and walked around the facilities, talked to all of the coaches.  I also went and talked to the business college.  Looked around there, it was really good.  I couldn't find anything bad about that trip," he said.

Cate did not commit while in Lincoln, but said that a decision is going to come very soon.  "I'll probably make my decision by Monday," he said.  The coaches at Nebraska also had some interesting things to say to Alex, as well.  "They were saying they'd like me to come here. They're trying to do a good job of recruiting and they did a real good job about it," he said.  Cate also had some questions about Freeman and his current commitment to Nebraska.  "I asked them about that because they've already had one commit and they said they were going to take two this year.  They said if I committed, they would take me," he said.

Cate reports that all four schools that he visited – Nebraska, Oklahoma State, LSU and Arizona – are in the running for his services and within the next couple of days, it appears that one of those for institutions is going to have a very fine athlete within their recruiting class for 2005-2006.

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