Moore just taking it all in right now

Sometimes it can be hard for true athletes to get noticed. They are put at positions that may not suit their abilities because of their athleticism and colleges are left to project them to other positions. Problem is they usually don't have a good idea if a player can play that position or not. While some debate about Laron Moore others have just offered because he is a playmaker.

The 5-foot-9 and 175 pound Laron Moore of Midwest City (Okla.) is looking forward to a busy summer. The idea is to be in peak condition for the start of fall camp leading into the season.

"Working out, going to a couple of camps here and there and just getting ready for next season."

Those "couple of camps" started already with Moore already having camped at Oklahoma. He has at least three other camps planned as of right now. "I just finished with Oklahoma. I am going to Kansas State, Tennessee and then LSU."

Moore was positive about his performance at Oklahoma. He also got a positive feeling from the coaching staff as well. "It was a contact camp, but it was just shorts, shoulder pads and helmets. I did pretty good. I played a couple of positions. They only wanted me to come to one day because they are recruiting me and they only needed an evaluation."

"I really did pretty good. I had seven or eight touchdowns off of playing one session of wide receiver. I knocked down a couple of people and only had one person catch on me today art defensive back. They were very impressed."

Moore isn't totally up to speed on how many offers he has. He knows it's over 10 and only remembers a handful of the ten. "I have to sit down and count. It's somewhere around 11 or 12."

"I have one from Iowa State, Colorado State, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, and then it gets a little tough. Oklahoma said that I was an athlete, but they really don't recruit athletes. They recruit position specific people and I play quarterback, but plan on playing receiver."

While he is sitting on a fairly good number of offers, Moore isn't narrowing down his list. He is waiting to see what Oklahoma will say and is in a similar situation with LSU who wants to evaluate him as well. "Not right now. Right now I am just trying to look at everybody. I will probably start narrowing things down a little closer to football season."

With only five official visits that you can take, Moore has one sewn up. He is putting the rest on hold to see who else offers. "I know of one right now and that is Stanford. They are locked. It just depends who offers me and if I get a chance or had a chance to see their campus then I will narrow it down to a top five."

Nebraska is a school that has been on Moore for some time. He was trying to make plans to get to Nebraska's camp, however they just weren't possible. He did mention that Nebraska was on the top of his list. "I was going to try to go up to their camp, but it's not working out like I had planned. They would be one of the schools at the top of my list."

When it comes to figuring out camps, unofficial visits, official visits as well as a decision on where to commit; Moore is seeking wise council. He knows that the decision won't only impact him, but it will also have an effect on his family and in particular his mother.

"I have to sit down with my mom and she is going to be part of where I am going to go and take my visits. It just depends on how I feel about schools that I think that I have the best chance to play at, grow me as a player, academics, their coaching staff and how they are doing this season."

Moore has one-time Oklahoma head coach John Blake recruiting him from Nebraska. Widely thought of as Nebraska's top recruiters, Coach Blake has made a great impression on Moore who has had great conversations with Blake, but has gotten the type of information that he needs to really consider Nebraska.

"He came down to the school during the recruiting period and I have spoke to him on the phone. He told me that they are very interested in me and that they were going to be all over me. I've been talking to him. He is a very nice guy and he is giving me information about Nebraska about where I would fit in if I want to go there."

Moore plays quarterback for Midwest City, but is being projected as a wide receiver or cornerback in college. Moore doesn't prefer one of those positions over the other. In fact, the school that says that they will give him a chance at yet another position may hold the advantage over other schools.

"I don't really prefer one position over another. If I were around 10 pounds heavier and got a chance to play running back then that is probably where I would be playing. I would like that chance. If I got up about 190 that wouldn't be a problem. I was almost there and got up to 182. That was before track started. Whoever will give me a chance to play running back may be the school where I end up at."

Moore had a great track year running very good 100m times. "I ran the 100, 200, and the 4x100. I ran a 10.39 hand-held this year and my best electronic time was a 10.51."

Moore passed for nearly 550 yards last season and five touchdowns. He also rushed 110 times for 1,006 yards and 13 touchdowns averaging nearly 10 yards per carry. He hauled in one reception for 65 yards and a score as well which led to all-city honors last year.

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