How many offers is Daron Rose up to?

It seems a little impossible to have that many offers this early, but it's true. Daron Rose is up to 47 offers already this year. Before he gets down to five official visits he is getting it down to a top 10. Six of those spots are already filled, but can Nebraska move into one of the last four to get considered for an official?

It has to be a little overwhelming for Daron Rose from Tampa (Flor.) Jefferson High to go through the stack of offers. Forget naming them off. He is almost better off naming off who hasn't offered. He has been out of school now for a couple of weeks and is getting his workouts in and is taking some visits.

"I am just working out and trying to make a couple of visits," Rose said. "I have already been to Florida and Miami. This weekend I am going to Alabama and Auburn."

In the coming weeks he will be taking an unofficial to a school around the corner. He is also thinking about taking a school known more for their academics and basketball than their football. "I know in the coming weeks that I will be going to UCF. I know that it's right around the corner, but we are going there. We might be visiting Duke possibly."

Rose may be done with the camping scene. He has hit the two important ones to really get yourself compared to other kids nationally. At the camp, he threw his name in the ring to be considered for the U.S. Army All-American game. "I have already been to the Nike and the camps. That's it. I won't be doing Down and Dirty this year."

Rose doesn't need the publicity to get offers or get noticed. He has enough already behind his 6-foot-5 and 290 pound frame. "I am up to 47 offers. I have started to narrow things down. I just have some schools that I am looking at, not really my leaders or in any order. They're Florida, Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, Florida State and UCF. They all have offered."

Rose is what you look for in a tackle. He has the size. He has the athleticism. And he has the intelligence to play offensive line. "Everyone is recruiting me as a tackle. I think that it's my agility and my ability to move laterally that are my biggest strengths."

Nebraska has offered Rose and distance isn't a consideration to Rose when it comes to narrowing things down or making a team a favorite with him. There is just too much about Nebraska for Rose to ignore when it comes to what they could offer him.

"I have been offered by Nebraska. Distance isn't a big thing when it comes to picking out a school. I am still considering Nebraska to put in my top 10. They have a winning tradition. They have national championships, All-Americans, great coaching staff and they run a similar offense to what we run here."

Rose is an athlete and a scholar. While his dreams may include the NFL someday after college, his goals in college are to get a degree and to work towards one day becoming a lawyer. "I am looking at academics first and then the coaching staff. After that I am looking at the team. I am looking to major in criminal justice. I want to become a lawyer."

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