Lots of questions were asked before the first session of summer camps arrived at the University of Nebraska. How would Seth Jensen look and how would his experience compare to that in Oklahoma? How would Tyler Bullock and Derrick Russell do and would they do enough to come out of the experience with offers? And who would shine that wasn't expected to or what names arose out of obscurity? We have answers to all that in more in our summer session wrap up.

Seth Jensen

Seth Jensen was the name that everyone uttered as to what they would look like during their experience at Nebraska and what the university would look like to them.


For the first part, Seth answered those questions resoundingly, showing just about everything you could ask for in a division 1-A rush end.


Speed, quickness, the ability to bend effectively on an outside pass rush and best of all, he never stopped. A fanatic and fantastic motor, Jensen is a warhorse, who's body is riddled with bruises and scars symbolic of his temperament on the field.


He plays hard, he plays fast and projected as a rush end for Nebraska , it would appear he'd have a bright future indeed.


That begs the question, though, especially since he's already been to Oklahoma for a visit and has said that it's been between NU and OU for his services, just what did he take away from this trip?


"It was more fun than it was at Oklahoma ," Seth said. "The competitions, the drills, the race here at the end, it's been great the whole time."


One other thing Jensen said of his camping experience at NU versus the one at Oklahoma , what stood out the most wasn't everything they did, but how everything was set up. "It's just so organized here, I mean every little thing," he said. "At Oklahoma , we had this one little sheet for the two days that told you the times of stuff and here, it's like one full page per day."


"Everything about this camp is just so well put together, you look at that and if they are like this for a camp, imagine what they are like for the actual team."


Jensen still has to make his trip to see Colorado , but says that right now it's definitely between the Sooners and the Huskers. As for a leader amongst those two, Jensen said that as of right now he had one.

Scott Bayer

"I'm leaning towards Nebraska a little bit right now," he said. "There's still some time to make a decision and I'll sit down with my family and talk about it, but the whole experience here has been great."


Another that had a great experience and was for us the roving reporter, a great experience to watch was Howells high's Scott Bayer. From the testing to the one-on-one call out drills, Bayer proved himself worthy of one of the top performers at the camp.


For him, this was his dream camp and unlike most who say they didn't do as good as they wanted, Bayer was thrilled with how everything went. "Once I did my testing, I was pretty pumped for the rest of the camp," Scott said. "I felt great the whole time and everything just went pretty good."


In our eyes here at Big Red Report, Bayer earned himself at the very least a lock as a preferred walk-on, but if you look at the bigger picture, there's more than likely an offer out there with his name on it. That's what Scott wants, of course, but if that doesn't happen, a chance to be with the big red is something he'd happily take. "If anything, I would love to go to school on a scholarship, because I don't want to pay for school ten years after I have graduated," he said. "But, walking on here would be great to, because it's just one of those things dream about."


"I'll take the offer first, but it'd be great if I got to walk on at Nebraska."


Another that in our eyes cemented his status as a preferred walk-on was Justin Makovicka. And if he did that, he would be the third Makovicka to have walked on at NU. Like Bayer, that's something that he looks forward to if given the opportunity and we see no reason why it wouldn't be there.


Justin Makovicka

Between his aggressiveness, much improved physique along with his quickness, lateral movement and speed, Justin shows himself to be a solid prospect for the future for Nebraska or anyone else. If the Huskers can get the next "Mack" to walk-on, they'll have to consider that a definite victory in recruiting.


The last day was about victories, the 7 on 7 championships taking place today along with the fastest man competition. The speed contest is something everyone looks forward to, because they want to prove that their initial testing wasn't accurate or that they are indeed the real deal.


These are the winners in each of the weight classes:


Flyweight – Matt Donahue (4.65)

Lightweight – David Ferris (4.56)

Middleweight – Matt Zelasney  (4.63)

Heavyweight – Scott Bayer (4.65)

Super Heavy – Seth Jensen (5.14)


For a first session that was noticeably light on big-time talent, there was a refreshing number of those that stepped up and got noticed. Players like Scott Bayer, John Fisher and Noah Keller that took advantage of the opportunity.


Camps are about learning new techniques, honing up techniques you already have and displaying it for everyone in attendance to see.


For players like Lincoln Northeast's John Fisher, it's a way of showing that he's back after a serious knee injury in basketball. For Scott Bayer, it's proving that even in eight-man football, there's some

Jordan McMichael

players that can flat out get it done. And for players like Seth Jensen and Jordan McMichael, it's a chance to reaffirm what the hype has been saying about them, something that both did and then some.


It's session 1 and done, with number 2 right around the corner, starting all over Thursday morning. When everyone was drooling over Reggie Smith last year, the bibs will be firmly in place for when the Colorado star Butch Lewis arrives in Lincoln.


That camp will then be followed by the quarterback camp, where some 80 or so slingers from around the country show up, including future Husker Josh Freeman.


Was there a future Husker in the first session? Will there be in the next? Maybe more? We'll wait and see, because outside of the valuable lessons each of these football players learn as players and people as well, some come just to show what they can do and hope that somewhere, somehow, someone notices.


We did and we can't wait for more.


Stay tuned, because we'll bring you our BIG RED REPORT TOP TEN and for those with video capabilities, it's another edition of VIDEO BYTES, your spring session edition as we bring you up close with the sights and sounds of the first regular camp in Lincoln.

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