Big Red Report Summer Session Top Ten

It's just not a competition until you finish it up with your top picks. So, here we are with ours, taking you through the top ten performers at Nebraska's first session of their regular summer camps. See who topped the heap and who showed out during their time to shine.

What would a three-day camp be without electing some MVPs or in this case, our Big Red Report top ten? Now, there are going to be some omissions from this list, such as Tyler Bullock and Derrick Russell. That is mostly because both of the Northstar standouts were only there for testing and some brief individual drills and part of being eligible for this is having to at least strapped it on and taken on a few of the fellow campers.


So, with that being taken into account, here is our compilation list of our top ten:


10 – Cody Habben - Habben got worked out a lot by the coaches while he was in attendance.  He didn't quite match up with Seth Jensen, but let's face it who would.  Cody has fairly good footwork and he was clearly one of the best offensive linemen in the entire camp.  Nebraska was considering offering Habben, and I am not sure if that will happen now.  Either way though, he makes our top ten list purely off of size and getting worked out by the coaching staff.


9 – Tommy Becker – Becker is a solid prospect, showing very good feet and lateral movement for a bigger linebacker, Tommy weighing around 240 pounds on 6 foot, 2 inch frame. In the individual drills Becker showed a good burst from the standing position and in the match-up drills, Tommy was aggressive and physical at the point of attack. There were few close to his size that could match up with him in intensity and physical strength.


8 – Noah KellerHere is a kid who I had never heard of coming into camp.  I don't think a lot of people had.  He is a very hard nosed kid who has a lot of comparisons to Makovicka, only his brothers didn't play at Nebraska.  Keller has good enough size that he could dominate one on one drills at this camp.  He often battled with Sharp, Fischer, and Makovicka and came out on the winning side.


7 – Greg Mehrer – Tall, but with a nice frame and a muscular build, Mehrer showed himself in 7 on 7 to be able to close on the ball as well as be able to reach out and get it. He's right around 6 foot, 3 inches tall, so that gave him an advantage over most his competition, but you still have to take advantage of it. He had reasonably good feet and change of direction and could project to the collegiate level as either a wideout or after a few pounds is added, possibly tight end. Greg is a good overall athlete and showed solid balance in everything he did over the three days.


6 – Justin Makovicka – He was only there for one day, but having seen him down in San Antonio for the Junior All-American combine, Makovicka has only gotten better. A thicker build, Justin holding close to 220 pounds versus the 210 or so that he had down in Texas, he's got good power and he's aggressive at the point of attack. Probably better feet than I thought he would have, Justin worked very well in the individual drills with linebacker coach Kevin Cosgrove. A nice burst for his size and he's sound side-to-side. Nebraska should consider him a steal as a walk-on, like his brothers before him. Chances are, though, this is one Makovicka that might play something other than fullback for NU.


5 – John Fisher – This guy along with Bayer are my sleepers of the camp.  They did a lot for the stock.  Neither will probably get an offer, but they might have gotten a hard enough look to receive a walk on opportunity at Nebraska.  Fischer plays at Lincoln Northeast and if you get a chance this season to watch the kid, you will be impressed with his size and toughness.  He won over Coach Jordan with his ability to continually be the first in line for one on one drills.  He also has reasonable speed clocking in at a 4.62 40 yard dash.


4 – Jake SharpI think Sharp tested out better than any other athlete at the camp.  He wowed everyone in attendance with his blazing speed and impressive burst.  He has a lot of the tools you look for in a running back: speed, acceleration, toughness and hands.  Sharp also can run very effective routes out of the backfield and has shown his versatility in high school returning punts.  He is a little small for division one, but this kid caught the eye of the coaches and myself in particular.


3 – Jordan McMichaelMcMichael was only in attendance for the first day of camp, yet he still makes our top ten list.  That alone tells you all you need to know about the kid.  He was simply one of the best athletes there.  He didn't have the best testing day, but he more than made up for it on the actual football field.  He carried his team is seven on seven drills, simply catching fades whenever they needed a touchdown.  One of McMichael's biggest assets is his footwork; his first few steps are amazing and he runs routes precise for a tight end. 


2 – Scott Bayer – If Nebraska hadn't already gotten Octavien, Moore, Dillard, Covey and Souder, Bayer would be a realistic shot for an offer, perhaps a greyshirt. Solid size, great speed, very good side-to-side and very strong and aggressive at the point of attack. There were very few instances over the three days, where Bayer found himself on the bad end of a one-on-one match up and to my knowledge, he had the only actual pancake in the one-on-one call out drill. Bayer is solid top to bottom and if NU gets him as a walk-on, they'll  have to consider themselves lucky indeed. Bayer is worth an offer and if his name starts floating around, I'd bet he'd get one before it's all said and done.


1 – Seth Jensen – Expectations are usually bad, because often things just don't pan out the way you would have thought. Well, they did with Seth. Big, quick, physical, aggressive with solid feet and great hands; you can use any one or all of those to describe him and they would fit him to a tee. Plus, he's physically not even close to his potential and considering what he's able to do at this point, that's a scary thought for offenses that have to stop him. NU is recruiting him as a DE and honestly, I can't see him anyplace else. I think he's a natural for the position. This one has it all.

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