Huskers lead for Florida receiver

Any receiver would have to feel good about the chances at Nebraska. They want to throw it more. It's a redefinition of the position from the option to the west coast offense. An offense where the first responsibility of the receiver was to block. Now, receivers look at Nebraska as three and four wide and plenty of pigs flying.

Nebraska is trying to dip into Florida and get some talent to Lincoln. Donald Bowens from St. Petersburg (Flor.) is working hard since school got out. He is eyeing a camp that he has coming up in July.

"Right now I am just working out," Bowens said. "I am actually doing the Florida State workout with my coach. I am going to the Florida State camp July 10-13."

"I might go to USF for camp, I am not sure if they have one. I missed the Florida camp. I really don't about any other camps."

Regardless, word is getting out about Bowens who is already holding five offers and has a clear leader right now out of the five. "I am up to five or six offers; Nebraska, Ole Miss, Iowa State, Iowa, and Rutgers. Nebraska is ahead."

Coming from Florida, Bowens naturally didn't know a lot about Nebraska. He has learned a lot and continues to hear good things about Nebraska. He especially likes what he hears about their offense, what they are trying to do with their offense and how he being a wide receiver could fit into that offense.

"I have talked to their coaches (Nebraska). I didn't really know a lot about them at first. They said that they are going to open it up this year. They are going to run three and four wide so that sounds pretty good to me being a receiver."

Sometimes players tend to dwell on distance from a school to home. Bowens would stay in-state if he had the right offer, but doesn't think that distance will be a huge part of his overall decision. "Distance isn't a huge thing. I would stay in-state, but if I had to go out of state then I would go."

Bowens is a solid receiver all-around. He comes in at 6-foot-3 and 195 pounds and has a 4.6/40 time. "I think that I have good hands, moderate speed and I break a lot of tackles."

He has ability on offense to make some big plays, but he is also very productive on defense for his team. "I had 30 catches for close to 500 yards and four touchdowns. I was all-conference as a receiver. My freshman year I led the team in tackles. As a sophomore I was voted the team MVP. Last year I didn't really win anything on the team. It went to all of the seniors."

This year Bowens is playing defense again, but he is moving positions from safety to linebacker. Not because he is too big or too slow, but just because he is too good of tackler. "I am playing both ways. I am playing linebacker. I was playing safety, but I am the best tackler on the team and they moved me to linebacker. I prefer receiver. I prefer offense."

Nebraska has done a fine job with Bowens up to this point having been in touch with the recruiting coach in his area plus the wide receiver coach. "Coach Elmassion is recruiting me from Nebraska. I talked to Coach Gilmore too. They sounded pretty cool when I talked to them. Coach Elmassion is a pretty cool guy. He transferred me to the receivers coach when I was talking to him."

Bowens isn't set on any officials, but he has been tossing around the idea of taking an official at the end of his football season in December to see Nebraska. "I haven't set up any official visits yet. Nebraska wants me to come up some time in December, but I haven't set up any official visits yet."

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