Super Junior Prospect - Moe Dampeer

Moe Dampeer will be among the nations most sought after prospects in 2002. Dampeer has Nebraska among his early favorites. I wrote this article before signing day.

It's been just over four months since I first laid eyes on the best offensive and defensive lineman I've seen in 2001. To find out he was only a junior was just mind-boggling.

Lawrence "Moe" Dampeer, a 6-foot-4, 280-pound offensive and defensive lineman from Decatur (Ill.) Mac Arthur wasn't just the best interior lineman in Illinois, he was among the best in the nation.

Although only a junior, Dampeer is in the same league as (senior) All-Americans Haloti Ngata, Quinn Pitcock and Kedrick Golston.

After writing my first article on Dampeer, declaring him the #1 junior in Illinois, several college coaches have called and asked directions from Chicago to Decatur or which airport they should fly into to go check out Dampeer.

I've personally made the two and a half hour drive from Chicago to Decatur to watch more film on Dampeer. He's just that good. Several schools have already been to Decatur to check out Dampeer and talk to his coach, Cordell Ingram.

Illinois and Missouri were the first to offer scholarships. On Wednesday, Michigan State assistant coach Sal Sunseri offered Dampeer a scholarship after seeing two plays. That's right, TWO PLAYS.

Dampeer is the first junior I have evaluated and I'll put that evaluation on my site after signing day.

I will say he's quick, strong and has extremely light feet for his size. Moe has ankle flexion that you would normally see in a running back or a wide receiver.

Ankle flexion allows a player to bend, change direction and make fine cuts. Dampeer explodes out of his stance, can change direction on a dime and can chase a running back down the line of scrimmage.

Nebraska, Michigan State, Michigan, Miami (Fla.) and Missouri are just a few that have already visited Decatur. In May, Dampeer will be visited by just about every D-1 school in the nation.

This is the second year in a row that the top player in the Land of Lincoln will come from Central Illinois and not the Chicago area.

The top prospect in Illinois in 2001 is Texas bound wide receiver Marquis Johnson.

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