Huskers secure official from top S/LB

I have come to understand that a tweener is a person that might lack height, size, speed or a combination thereof and just doesn't fit well at a single position. The opposite of that must be Bani Gbadyu then who could grow into a MIKE, is being recruited to play WILL and safety/rover. His versatility makes him very popular as he sits on 30 offers.

Summer is here for Bani Gbadyu who is overcome with joy about school being over and done with for the year. "Yeah, just got done on Monday. It feels great. It feels great!"

With school out of the way, Bani is getting ready to head on an early summer trip to check out some schools. He and his father will be heading south first to North Carolina to finish up with the schools that he hasn't seen there and then hit a couple more on their way back home.

"I am heading down to Clemson and North Carolina State. I will check out Duke also. I will hit all of the schools in North Carolina. Then on the way back my dad and I are going to hit Penn State and Ohio State."

Gbadyu wants to see them all, or a good number of them, before naming any leaders or making a decision. "There's a lot of places to see. I have to make sure that I make the right decision. You have to check schools out."

The 6-foot-1 and 210 pound Gbadyu earned first team All-County and All-League honors, as well as Honorable Mention All-State honors after his junior season. He registered 78 tackles, 15 sacks, and three fumble recoveries and that has led to a truckload of offers.

"I am up to 30 offers. I haven't narrowed things down at all. It's been crazy. I haven't had a chance to eliminate anybody. At the end of the summer I should be down to a top five. My coach is on my back about narrowing it down. I can't kick anyone out because it's an honor to be offered by all of these schools."

Despite not narrowing things down Gbadyu has scheduled two officials so far. "I set up an official visit with LSU and Nebraska. I am going to Nebraska on September 3. I think that I am going to see LSU play Florida or Tennessee. I want to see a tight game. I don't want to see a blowout. I hate blowouts."

"I had to schedule that first game for Nebraska because that was all that I had. The next week after that we have a huge game. I am only taking two official visits during the season and then I will take the rest of them following the season. I can't miss anything."

Gbadyu is being touted by some as a linebacker. Others see him as a safety. Which one does he prefer?

"A lot of people like me as a WILL linebacker. Some schools like Virginia Tech and Clemson are looking at me as a safety. I don't care which position I play. Wherever they need me to play I will go. If they need me to punt I will punt that ball."

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