Speed the theme for Session Two - Day One

For whatever reason there's supposed to be more talent in the second session versus the first. Bigger names, more speed and overall a great amount of pure athletes. Well, the bigger names weren't there, Butch Lewis not able to make it in, but if you wanted more speed and athleticism, you got just what was expected. A larger number of pure athletes, more speed top to bottom, making for a talent-laden first day of NU's second session of the summer.

It would appear that it was last session that would have more of the bigger name prep-athletes. Well, not many more, defensive end prospect Seth Jensen and tight end prospect Jordan McMichael making

D.J. Jones

up the brunt of the prime-time players.


This session wasn't laden with the household names, though, future Husker D.J. Jones decided to attend along with approximately 10 of his teammates. If you think D.J. was just on a vacation, though, think again as all Jones did today was churn out another amazing forty, running it in 5.1 seconds. Jones continues to show that while he's raw in his overall technique, physically, this young man is going to be a force for the future.  Outside of that,however, it was perhaps the unsung stars of the future that made this first day what it was.


And what it was, was solid, much more speed being present at this session versus last, at least three players posting forties in the sub-4.5 range. Along with that, a bevy of low 4 second agility times and from players with frames varying in size from 5 foot, 8 inches all the way up to 6 foot, 2.


Pretty impressive and we're going to go down a few of the highlights from the day and the players you need to pay attention to for the future:


Gabe CarimiS.jpg - 39069 Bytes

Gabe Carimi

Gabe Carimi - Here is my project for offensive line coach Dennis Wagner.  This next kid has the frame to be the nextRobert Gallery. Carimi is 6'7 ½" and 257lbs yet can run a 4.8 40 yard dash.  He made the trek from Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. 


Already sporting an offer from Indiana, Carimi hopes to impress the coaches enough to gain another offer.  He also has interest in Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Gabe admitted it would be hard to turn down an offer from Nebraska but also mentioned he likes Wisconsin because they are the in-state school. 


The coaching staff had their eye on this guy all day, so there appears to be a legitimate chance of him getting an offer after camp.  Carimi has great footwork and all they need to see is how he does with contact.


Niles Paul – It's almost redundant anymore, a relative of Ahman Green showing that he's an incredible athlete with ridiculous speed. Paul continues that trend that Tierre Green started, the nephew of Ahman showing that he's a pretty good athlete in his own right.


Paul ripped off a 4.43- 40, a time that he was actually disappointed with, stating that he was "tight" and that it didn't go as well as it could. Niles also posted a 4.5 shuttle time that is admittedly slow, but for Paul, he didn't mind as he said it was the first time he had ever done that type of drill.


At 6 foot, 1 inch and 185 pounds, Niles combines great athleticism with ideal size for the cornerback, safety or even wideout positions; Paul being recruited to play any or all of the three.

Niles Pauls.jpg - 49204 Bytes

Niles Paul

He's an athlete and if his four interceptions didn't prove what he could do on defense last season as a junior, the 5 interceptions he had today in 7 on 7 competition certainly didn't hurt.


Niles closes on the ball well, has decent footwork in backpedaling off the line and of course, when he gets out into the open-field, he's got the speed to burn. Nebraska is a team he likes, but eerily similar to Tierre Green, Niles ' recruiting has been curiously absent, Paul saying that he's not getting much interest from anyone. That's bound to change as this Omaha North athlete has a ton of potential and he's proven some of it already in day one.


Anthony West - One of the most physically amazing athletes in attendance was Anthony West.  He has started varsity for three years at strong and free safety.  Nebraska and other schools such as USC, Colorado, Oregon, UCLA and others are hoping he can play free safety for them. 


Anthony had a great day of testing.  He ran the fastest 40 of either camp so far, timing in at 4.37.  His shuttle time was slightly faster at 4.34 and to top off this great performance, Anthony had a 30 inch vertical.  Anthony came all the way from San Diego to see what Nebraska had to offer, and mainly to see if they would offer. 


Anthony's father played college football at San Diego State and four years in the NFL so he definitely has the bloodlines and his dad joked with me that the plane ride home will be a long one now that his son has beaten his fastest 40 ever as a kid, running a meager 4.4.


Anthony WestS.jpg - 41136 Bytes

Anthony West

Anthony was worked out individually by the coaching staff after camp and he seemed to rise to the occasion.  West is a little on the smaller size, but has a decent frame and could add weight very easily.  He likes Nebraska a lot, and so does his father.  Whoever gets the commitment from Anthony could find themselves with a sleeper prospect for the class of 2006.


Leon Hill – When Phillip Dillard ran a 4.57-40 while weighing around 240 pounds, jaws dropped at just the sheer speed of a kid that thick. Well, Leon Hill doesn't have quite the height of Dillard, standing just a half inch short of 6 foot, but at 247 pounds, Hill proved Dillard's better, posting an eye-popping 4.56.


Hill's size is his only downside, his stocky stature making him a little rigid in the hips. That makes it hard for him to be totally effective in coverage, but when you see him in action, that's obviously not his forte'.


It's being physical at the point of attack, something that Hill has the power for and the moxie for as well. A good burst, hitting full speed probably within twenty yards and even for his hips, he exhibits fairly good change of direction. Right now, the Palm Beach , Florida prep is looking at the big three in the state, but is also getting interest from Nebraska , of course, but also Colorado .


Hill attended the camp along with several teammates and their head coach, who's serving as one of the many assistant coaches for the second summer session at Nebraska .


Andy Bickel - It's not a secret that Nebraska needs a few more offensive tackles.  Andy Bickel is just hoping he can help.  Standing 6'6 and weighing in around 265lbs, Andy managed to run a 5.33 40 yard dash and 4.93 shuttle.  He also jumped 21 inches.  While I talked with his father, he mentioned Andy liked the Big XII conference.  He has interest in anybody this early, but the interest is mutual from Nebraska, Kansas State, Texas Tech, and Kansas.


Cole Bunner – One of many that has and will be vying for a scholarship from the University of Nebraska , the first test Cole gets is the eyeball test, one which he passed as far as his height was concerned.

Cole BunnerS.jpg - 38222 Bytes

Cole Bunner

I'm not sure he's pushing over 300 pounds as of right now, but he's definitely standing at 6 foot, 5 inches at least.


That's the first part of his journey, but tomorrow is the big test, today simply being a lot of orientation work and weight room instruction. Tomorrow are the quickness drills, the real footwork tests and he'll more than likely see some individual work from offensive line coach Dennis Wagner.


This is where Cody Habben probably lost his chance to get that scholarship, not exhibiting a lot of what you can't already get inside the state. Now, it's up to Bunner to prove that it's easier to stay in the state with kids like him than having to always look elsewhere. Bunner said in my last conversation with him that if Nebraska did end up offering him in writing after this camp, he would "probably" commit.


That would make three offensive linemen from inside the state. Seems like that old days, eh?


Joshua Pryor - Joshua Pryor drove all the way from Elizabeth New Jersey just to attend the camps.  Josh will also be attending the Elite Quarterback Camp starting on Saturday.  He runs a 4.5 40 along with a solid 4 flat shuttle.  He also has a 27 inch vertical. 


Currently Josh is getting interest from Nebraska, Iowa, and Virginia along with other schools.  He projects as a cornerback at the next level and got worked out by the coaches at that position after camp.  He shows amazing ability to be physical and play bump and run coverage for only being 5'9 170lbs. 


Brandon Thermilus - Brandon Thurmilus is a brute running back from Dallas, Texas.  He ripped off a 4.28 shuttle along with a 4.4 40 yard dash.  He has a 28 inch vertical also.  Brandon has been receiving letters from some impressive schools such as Nebraska , Arkansas , and LSU.


He wants to wait until February to make his decision and hopes to keep all his options open for scholarship offers.  This kid reminds me a little of Cody Glenn.  He has good size yet obviously has the speed to go with it.  It will be interesting to see how he does in more drills tomorrow.  He seemed real pleased with his performance with Coach Jordan after camp.


Terenga TuineiS.jpg - 39477 Bytes

Terenga Tuinei

Terenga Tuinei – I love the unknowns or at least in Terenga's case, the unsung preps that for whatever reason exist under the spotlight in the country. They have the size, speed and athleticism to be big impact players, but they have to go someplace where everyone is watching to even get some press.


Well, we'll give him that and then some as he's earned it, Terenga's physique alone enough to get him noticed, standing over 6 foot, 4 inches tall, while weighing 210 pounds. The defensive end/tight end prospect also sports a 4.7-40, a 4.6 shuttle time and a very nice 33 inch vertical. Also, even with his ultra-long arms, Tuinei manages the bench quite nicely; able to put up 185 pounds 17 times.


Like Niles Paul, believe it or not, Terenga is getting little to no recruiting attention, even in the underrated area of Salt Lake City, Utah . And Terenga said that it was what he knew about Nebraska that made him come to this camp over all others. "It's a great tradition and they don't lose much here," he said. "It's nice here to."


Terenga is a fairly raw prospect, but very athletic, nimble, quick and shows fairly good use of his hands. The thing is, what his has to build on is impressive, making him a solid prospect for the near future.


For Nebraska ? Well, we'll see, but if not for them, he'll make a solid prospect for someone else if they have the common sense to turn around and notice and as of yet unnoticed member of the prep-stars of the future.


And that's what this session seemed to be all about, the big names not coming out, but some big numbers coming anyway and some names not currently seen are now names you are going to have to make sure to remember.


I have to admit a sense of relief as the last session seemed to be just the warm-up to this one and thus far, this one is living up to the anticipation. There are athletes aplenty for session number two.

We've only covered a few of them, more to come from the class of 2006 and a few for the class of 2007 as well. We'll bring it all to you tomorrow as we recap DAY TWO of NU's Summer Camps, Session Two.


Stay Tuned.

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