In-State stars galore for Day 2 of Session 2

As many names were around for Day one of summer session number two, even more came out for day two. In-state stars from all over converged for a single day at the camp, plus some of those already there made their own names as to just what kind of players they were. It was step up or step out day and there was a lot of stepping up by preps from coast to coast.

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Jake Gdowski

The name Gdowski rings a bell for Husker fans. Tom Gdowski played for the Huskers in the early eighties and a cousin of his; Gerry Gdowski played for the Huskers in the late eighties.


Well, there's another Gdowski, Jake from Grand Island high school, making a name for himself, but not as a slinger, rather one that takes them down.

Standing 6 foot, 2 inches and weighing 240 pounds, Jake tested well during the second summer session of camps at the University of Nebraska , running a 4.74 – 40, a 4.84 pro agility and posting a vertical jump of 26 inches.


Jake is going to be just a junior this year for Grand Island, so the recruiting attention has been sparse at this point, but you don't have to ask many questions to figure out that this Gdowski wouldn't mind a bit following in the footsteps of his relation, especially that of Tom, who happens to be his dad.


That's a nice connection for the Huskers, but it doesn't take a genetic link to the program to have some sort of aspiration to one day don the scarlet and cream. Such is the case for another junior; Barrington, Illinois' Nick Magiera.


The first thing you notice about this young man when you see him is that he's built like someone cut his shape out of a rock. Chiseled to the extreme, this son of a

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Nick Magiera

powerlifter has the physique you might expect. That built upon an almost 6 foot frame, Nick now weighing just over 190 pounds.


Nick just doesn't look the role either, the former teammate of offensive lineman Dan Doering running a 4.6 – 40 and a 4.4 in the pro agility test.


Also and something else you would expect of him, he's a horse in the weight room. Benching 300 five times, squatting 500 eight times and cleaning 5 times a hearty 250 pounds, he's already one of the impressive physical specimens you will see. And again, he's still just going into his junior year.


After his senior year, even though that's almost two years away, Nick knows where he would like to be after his prep-career is done. "I want to come here," Nick said of Nebraska . "I grew up loving Nebraska , so it's like the team to me."


Nick is currently getting letters from some impressive teams like UCLA and Boston College as either a linebacker or a free safety.


Another athlete that is being looked at as for either LB or the safety position is Flower mount, Texas' Tyler Sullivan. He's a senior-to-be and showed great acceleration, feet and overall speed during the 7 on 7 competition and in the individual drills he participated in along with four other handpicked players, as they worked out under the eye of defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove.


Tyler SullivanS.jpg - 44930 Bytes

Tyler Sullivan

Sullivan stands 6 foot, 1 and a half inches tall, weighs 210 pounds and ran a 4.6 – 40, a 4.4 pro agility and in the vertical jumped 26 inches. Right now, Tyler is getting letters from schools like SMU, Kansas and of course, Nebraska and said of the Huskers that if he had no offers to go anywhere, he'd walk on to the Huskers if he could, but is obviously hoping to come back with a full ride.


Sullivan has family in Nebraska and his dad (Mark Sullivan) was a Husker as well.


The Nebraska connections don't stop there, Loveland, Colorado's Trae Pflueger actually from Nebraska, living in Norfolk when he was a little younger. That connection got him to come back, but the program here certainly didn't hurt. "It's Nebraska ," Trae said. "I don't know what it means to some, but I know what it means to me."


"It's big-time football."


Pflueger isn't shabby himself, Trae actually having the fastest forty time (4.49) before Anthony west reeled off the 4.37 not long after Trae posted his mark. Combing that with an impressive 4.21 pro agility, this kid has definitely got the speed. The size isn't bad either, Trae standing just a half inch shy of 6 foot and weighing right around 170 pounds.


Currently, Pflueger is getting attention from Nebraska, Colorado State, Wyoming and Iowa State; just to name a few, but like many others, he wouldn't be frowning if

Trae PfluegerS.jpg - 41528 Bytes

Trae Pflueger

Nebraska extended him an offer after his camp experience is done. "Who wouldn't want to play here?" he inquired. "I mean, it's Nebraska . That's all you have to say."


This particular session didn't have the names, but like was said in yesterday's article, it had the talent to be sure. Speed, athleticism, size, strength and toughness; the group as a whole has outclassed the one before them.


However, few if any at this session were holding offers for whatever reason; their school being small, their team being no good or perhaps they just were finding themselves outside of most team's radar at this point.


One of the few that wasn't was Tim House, a running back out of Arizona, already with offers from the University of Arizona and Arizona State . Add that to the list of interested parties that makes up the rest of the Pac-10 along with a few teams in the Big XII, including, of course, the Huskers.


What House has first and foremost is great feet and athleticism, Tim's pro agility time one of the best at either session, the Arizona prep-star ripping off a 4.22. The downside to House will be his size, Tim only standing 5 foot, 8 inches.


You see him in one-on-one situations, though, you forget about his size as he's able to use leverage, strength and a definite will to push guys bigger than him off the ball. Plus, he's flexible enough that you could utilize him as a running back or a DB, if that's what you needed. The Nebraska coaches worked him out in punt returns.


Bridger DuttonS.jpg - 47137 Bytes

Bridger Dutton

Tim's got all the tools, but it's obvious that some will look at his size and just as quickly look away. He's a solid athlete, though, no question about it, but he's probably not one that will get an offer from NU, but as you can see, he won't need it; he'll have plenty of other choices down the road.


Some players have already hit the road, some of the biggest in-state names this year having come in today and just as promptly departed. Testing, doing some drills and moving on, they came, they saw, but did they conquer?


For all your details on that, Justin Stoller will now break down some of the best players within the borders of Nebraska and tell you just what's going on with them and what could be going on with them for the future. Plus, he'll break down some players that people probably figured would be players, because they are sons of some pretty good players themselves.


The main theme of second session camp was speed but one of the interesting secondary themes was kids who have athletic dads.  Three kids had fathers who have played in the NFL.  Anthony West, Brandon Thermilus, and Bridger Dutton all have the bloodlines.  Dutton in particular, has a father who was an All-American at Nebraska. 


John Dutton played DL for 14 years in the NFL after his college career at Nebraska.  It sounds as though Bridger might be something special himself.  He is 6'3 230 lbs while still being only 16 years old.  He will be a senior this upcoming season, however.  Bridger runs a 4.8 40 yard dash and shows tremendous size from the linebacker position.  He has a great frame and could easily keep that weight while cutting his 40 down a couple tenths. 


Currently he is getting interest from Iowa State, Kansas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma along with Nebraska.  Iowa State and Kansas both appear very close to offering that wanted full ride scholarship. 

Ben MartinS.jpg - 48614 Bytes

Ben Martin

Last year Dutton racked up 80 tackles and 4 sacks while playing in Dallas Texas. 


While watching Bridger get worked out by the coaches, I noticed he has great footwork and fairly impressive mobility for a kid his size.  The only thing he needs to work on is his 40 yard dash.  I don't know if Nebraska offers, but on name alone, you'd have to love to see him eventually with the big red.


Lincoln Southwest already has put a kid on the Nebraska roster in its short history with Ty Steinkuhler.  Ben Martin is hoping to the chance to double that number.  He had a solid day of testing running a 4.7 40 along with a 29 inch vertical.  Those numbers are records, but they stand out from a kid who is 6'4 246 lbs. 


A body built perfectly for defensive end, and Dutton mentioned that's exactly what Kansas, Colorado State, Nebraska, Iowa State, and Kansas State look at him to play in college.  Colorado State appears the closest to offering at this point for Martin.  He amassed 63 tackles and six sacks last season for Lincoln Southwest.  He does love Nebraska and has them at the top of list right now. 


I didn't see much of Ben at defensive end, but he showed good athleticism at the tight end position.  He ran good routes and showed good hands when the ball managed to get to him.


Corey YoungS.jpg - 47794 Bytes

Corey Young

Corey Young is the type of kid that draws attention.  He passes the eyeball test with flying colors.  He recently attended the Nike Combine and scored the highest performance index rating of anyone at the camp.  Measuring in at six foot and 195 lbs, Young brings explosiveness that few players have. 


Corey ran a 4.45 40 yard dash along with a 32 inch vertical and a 4.4 shuttle.  Corey likes Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado State, and Iowa State at the moment, but is still waiting for his first offer.  One of the reasons I believe he doesn't already have some is he didn't play his junior season at Milliard North, after hurting his knee. 


I think Corey would be one of the top kids from the entire camps to receive an offer from the coaching staff.  He worked out individually with the staff and felt he showed them what he could bring to the table at the safety position.  Nebraska needs a few safeties and while Corey might be somewhat of a fallback plan, what a plan it would be.  He has a very physical nature to his play from the safety position and his first few steps to the ball are as good as any kids in the country. 


Young said that the coaches will be watching him finish out his senior season, and might look to offer at some point then if they are still impressed.


Paul Homer draws some comparisons to Barrett Ruud because of his non flashy style, yet ability to simply get the job done.  180 tackles speaks more than enough about what kind of player Homer is.  Those stats weren't against just anybody, Homer playing in Class A at Milliard North. 


Homer ran a 4.77 40 and jumped 23 inches in the vertical.  Paul also had a 4.5 shuttle which is a great time for a linebacker that is 6'1 222 lbs.  Nebraska, Iowa,

Paul HomerS.jpg - 43043 Bytes

Paul Homer

Kansas State, Iowa State, and Colorado State are all showing interest in Homer. 


Now some might be wondering about Homer and Young, would they be a package deal?  I asked that question and both gave a quick answer of no, they will do what is best for each other.  Even if Nebraska were to offer, Paul mentioned he will wait the process out.  I don't think the chances of him receiving an offer are that great, as Nebraska looks to only take 1-2 linebackers this season, preferably on the outside. 


Bart Harm is a kid most people haven't heard a whole lot about.  The most amazing thing about that though, is that Harm had 107 tackles and 18.5 sacks last season for Harvard.  Those numbers are simply mind boggling and Harm decided he wanted to step up the competition and will be playing for Class B Aurora this season.  He is 6'1 215 lbs and ran a 4.75 40 and jumped 29 inches. 


Nebraska, Iowa State, Kansas, and Colorado are all showing interest but if a certain offer came his way, it wouldn't matter.  "I would probably commit on the spot if Nebraska were to offer.  I mean come on, I am an in-state kid, do I have any choice," Harm jokingly said.  I didn't know a whole lot about Harm coming in, but I was very impressed with his speed and quick feet.  He looked a little light for linebacker, but has enough height that he could easily add 20 pounds.


Bart HarmS.jpg - 43389 Bytes

Bart Harm

Size is a big deal for colleges when they begin recruiting kids, because even the best coaches can't coach size into a kid.  That seems to be the major hurdle for McCook prospect Brendan Liess.  Measuring in at 5'11 and 170 lbs, Liess managed to run a 4.62 40 yard dash.  He had run a 4.5 last year at camp and admitted that the toll of so many camps across the Midwest had taken its toll on his body. 


He said that he could barely get out of bed today. 


Brendan has been clocked as fast as a 4.4 before, and shows off his speed during the spring winning medals at the state track meet for three consecutive years.  This kid was the workhorse of a McCook team that won 38 straight games in Class B.  Liess has totaled 49 touchdowns the past two seasons along with 1,800 on the ground this past year.  He also has solid hands, which would explain while Colorado likes him at wide receiver. 


Kansas, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, and Nebraska are all showing interest. Liess admitted to me though, that as things are right now, he will end up at either Colorado or Kansas.  Coach Randy Jordan worked out Liess for about ten minutes running drills and showing off his hands.

Brandon LeissS.jpg - 37518 Bytes

Brendan Liess


Tony Purvis is another good looking prospect from Class B powerhouse McCook.  Purvis played quarterback and safety this past season, but is getting looked at more for cornerback from colleges.  Tony ran a 4.57 at camp but was clocked at a 4.44 at the Nike Combine in Manhattan. 


Purvis has been traveling along with Liess, and said he couldn't wait to get home after being gone for almost two weeks straight going to camps with Brendan.  Purvis measured in at 5'11 and 159 lbs and was a little dissatisfied with his performance.  Last season though, Purvis managed to put up almost 1800 total yards and 119 tackles. 


Tony PurvisS.jpg - 38778 Bytes

Tony Purvis

Purvis has decent height and with some strength training could get to 180 or 190 pounds with ease.  His size and speed at cornerback was already impressive enough to receive an offer from Division 1-AA Northern Colorado and he is also getting interest from Colorado State and Kansas.       


Stay tuned tomorrow as we finish Session Two up with the finale', including the fastest man competition and after that, it's the quarterback camp, featuring future Husker Josh Freeman. Freeman will take to the same stage he did last year before he was a future Husker; only this time he'll be going against names like Gralheer, Enderle and Robertson. So stay tuned for that, the reports, the pictures and all the comments about who's up, who's down, who might be in, who might be out and everything you'd want to know as we recap your summer camps here at the University of Nebraska.

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