Was camp enough to get an offer?

It's got to be tough. Tough to wait and see if your best foot forward was enough to get an offer. Enough to get an offer to the in-state team. The in-state team that you grew up watching and rooting for. It's wait and see, but the feelings are positive that he will receive the offer from Nebraska.

Cole Bunner from Elkhorn (Nebr.) Mount Michael returned home from camp in Lincoln satisfied with his performance. His thoughts are really driven by the comments of the Nebraska coaches that let him know that they were impressed.

"I think that I did really well at camp," Bunner said. "On the one on ones I did really well. We worked in front of Coach Bill Callahan. Then when I was leaving Coach Scott Downing and Coach Dennis Wagner both said I did well."

Since leaving camp, Bunner has been in touch with the Nebraska coaching staff. "We talked to Coach Downing and Coach Wagner today. We're just kind of playing this out. We didn't talk about an offer. I think that they are still assessing me for an offer."

Before the Nebraska camp Bunner hit two other camps and after the Nebraska camp he is planning on hitting at least two more. "I went to the Nike camp and then a Kansas State camp in Olathe. I went to the Kansas camp as well. My team goes to a Hastings College camp every year and then I am going to Colorado State in about a month for camp."

Bunner is planning on being very busy this summer when it comes to his camp schedule. He is also planning on working out everyday while carrying an everyday job this summer.

"I'll work out everyday. I also work everyday on a golf course. I do maintenance there. I dig sand traps and stuff. I will be keeping busy."

Cole is looking to improve in two testing areas this summer and may enlist the help of a program to accomplish those goals. "I want to improve pro agility time and my vertical. I guess that I am going to start doing "Going Vertical". It's a program. I'm not sure about that yet."

Don't ask Cole how much he is weighing right now because it is a bit of a mystery. In his first day at the Nebraska camp he lost seven pounds from initial weigh in to later that day. He did come in at 6-foot-4.5 in his bare feet though.

"Well when I weighed in the first time at camp I weighed 298. Then they weighed a couple of us again at the end of the first day of practice and I was at 291. So right now I am too sure how much I weigh. I came in at 6-foot-4.5 in my bare feet."

Bunner had some goals in mind when it came to testing at Nebraska. One was to set a new personal best 40-time. While that didn't happen, he did score reasonably the same numbers that he has before in the past which should give those watching some ideas that his best time at one place isn't a fluke.

"We didn't do any bench press or anything like that to test. My vertical was 20-inches. My pro agility time was 5.2 seconds and my 40 time was 5.3 seconds. I have done better than that though. I have ran a 5.2. I wanted to break that at Nebraska. My best pro agility time is 4.9. I did that at the Nike camp."

Bunner gave what he had to give in Lincoln and came out feeling good. It may just be a matter of time before a Nebraska offer or just his first offer reaches his hands. When it comes to the Nebraska offer he is hopeful. "I'm hoping that things are looking good."

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