Eyeing four or five teams right now

It seems that just the talk about changing the option offense at Nebraska to the West Coast offense is now going to take some results to impress. One of the latest recruits to hold a Nebraska offer knows about the changes in Lincoln and wants to play in a passing offense, but how often will they throw the ball and are they interested in playing a true freshman?

While most schools may be recruiting Bryan Thomas of Zephyrhills (Flor.) as a wide receiver, some schools have said that if he can play both ways he's welcome. Some have just said cornerback. The 6-foot-2 and 195 pound Thomas was being recruited as a cornerback primarily before this last camp, now they can see him on offense as well.

"I went to the one in Florida like last week. I was the fastest one at the camp," Thomas said. "I think that I did pretty good. The coaches all said that I blew it up. I did good on both sides of the ball."

"I played receiver and corner. We played a lot of cover one. I didn't really hear what I ran. They would just time you and then say some words to one another. I was told it was a 4.3 or a 4.4."

Up to last weekend, Florida was exclusively recruiting Thomas as a corner. Their opinions have changed like many schools that would rather just get Thomas on campus and then figure out where to put him. He doesn't care where you play him if it gets him on the field sooner.

"Coach Meyer said that he wants me to play a little on offense, but they were recruiting me as a corner. When he saw me play he told me that he likes me on offense. He wants me to play both if I can. The head coach from Duke said that he doesn't care where I play; he just wants me on the team."

"I think that Tennessee wants me as a receiver. South Carolina wants me as a receiver. Nebraska said that it's up to me on which side of the ball I want to play on. To be honest I don't care which position I play, I just want to play early. There is always room for improvement at either position. I am very familiar and comfortable playing both positions."

That versatility has Thomas sitting in the double-figures on offers. "I am up to 12 or 13 offers. I know Ohio State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Connecticut, Duke, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, and Vanderbilt. I know that there's some more."

Thomas knows what he is looking for in a school. He may want to go to a school with a wide-open passing attack, but it may be the opportunities that he could have to get on the field early and often that is the biggest factor.

"I'm looking for a team that passes a lot on offense. I am also looking for a team that is willing to play a freshman. Early playing time is big for me. I am looking good facilities, good football program and good academics."

Besides the Florida camp, Thomas is working out a lot. He has weightlifting in the morning followed by passing drills later that day. It may seem like a lot, but to Thomas you are only a senior in high school once and you have to make this year count.

"The summer has been treating me good. I am working out a lot. I have to go up to the weight room tomorrow morning. We lift as a team in the morning then me, the other receivers and the quarterbacks get together and play a little seven on seven to get our routes down and timing down."

When it comes to breaking Thomas down on offense it's a combination of his height and speed that give him his advantage. "I'm tall. I have very long arms and quick for my size. I am very versatile. I can play wide receiver and running back. I played both last year and I will do it again this year."

As a defensive back the speed allows him to stay with mostly all the receivers and his height advantage means that he can cover the tallest of receivers. "My height. I can also run with a lot of the shorter, faster receivers. I am aggressive. I can also guard the fade against taller receivers."

As of right now there is a four or five team race for Thomas. One thing is for sure and that is that distance won't play a factor in his decision. "I have four that stand out to me. They are Tennessee, Ohio State, Florida and then it's a run between Iowa and South Carolina. Distance isn't a big thing. I would go anywhere."

Thomas is familiar with Nebraska and especially their changes in the offense recently. He is interested in seeing how Nebraska does with the new offense and being two years into the system. It may take him the whole season though to really know what Nebraska is all about.

"I know about Nebraska's change in offenses. I really want to wait and check everything out this season for whose staying and whose leaving. I really want to watch their season first and see what's going to happen. Coach Elmassion is recruiting me from Nebraska."

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