Butch Lewis Narrows His List

It appeared that everyone who was going to be covering the second session of Nebraska's regular camps was anticipating the arrival of Colorado's Butch Lewis. However, the highly-touted offensive lineman was a no-show. What was the cause of his absence and is Nebraska within his newly narrowed down list?

While our own reporters were staking out their spots for the second session of Nebraska's regular football camps, one name that everyone came to see was Aurora, Colorado's Butch Lewis.  Unfortunately, Lewis never showed up which led those on hand to wonder just what his situation was with Nebraska if, in fact, there was a situation.  It turns out, the reason was purely academic.  "I'm attending a class right now and I'm not allowed to miss," said Lewis.  Butch is currently taking an enrichment course over the summer causing him to miss camp.  The good news is: Butch will be coming to Lincoln eventually.

Lewis will be taking an unofficial visit to Nebraska for the Oklahoma game on October 28th.  Butch said that while he will be observing the team itself, he is rather interested in what Nebraska offers academically.  "(I'll be looking mostly at) the academic system and I'll be there during game time so I can see how they get prepared, the atmosphere and the mentality.  I want to go into business so I want to see whatever Nebraska can offer for me there," he said. 

Butch admits that the Cornhuskers are giving him absolutely no shortage of attention citing them as the team recruiting him the hardest.  "Every day I'm getting mail from them.  Just about every coach is writing to me," he said.  As far as the relationship on his end, Butch knows just how badly he is wanted by NU.  "Right now I'm getting a lot of love from the Huskers.  It's too early to decide right now but they're definitely still in high consideration," he said.

Lewis has actually taken the time to narrow down his choices a bit as he has revealed his top schools at this point.  The schools who appear to have the inside track with Butch as of this moment are Nebraska, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Miami (FL), Michigan, Notre Dame and California.

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