Krehbiel still sitting on five

The big lineman from Pratt (Kan.) is taking the summer off, if you want to call it that. He won't be taking in any unofficial visits or camps. That doesn't mean that he won't be working though. Besides a busy program to work out he will be spending full days working maintenance on the local golf course. He is still sitting on five offers and says that two will get official visits for sure.

Scott Krehbiel may not have any summer plans to see any schools, but that is because the summer schedule is pretty full for Scott. He is in the middle of playing basketball right now, but the 6-foot-7 and 285 Krehbiel is set on getting ready for football this fall.

"We had a tournament this weekend," Krehbiel said. "I played basketball last year and I will play it this year too."

Basketball won't keep Krehbiel from seeing schools this summer or taking in any camps or combines. He is set on working out to get stronger and faster, but he will just have to do it in between his time needed for full-time job.

"No, I am not planning on any unofficial visits or camps. I don't have time. I am working down at the golf course. I do maintenance like dig bunkers and stuff. In the time that I am not there I will be working at the grain elevator."

Krehbiel is up to five offers. He has offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Colorado State, Arkansas and Nebraska. "I have written offers from them all except Nebraska. The Nebraska coaches told my coach that they would be sending a written offer."

Although he is up to five offers nothing is set on his leaders, but he has some idea on where he will spend to of his official visits. "I will be going to Kansas State and Colorado State for sure. I haven't ever been to Lincoln before and I am not sure if I will take an official visit there or not."

Krehbiel's coach sings praises about Scott's ability on the hardwood and the gridiron, but really can't get over how well he moves for a man his size. "His athleticism is what makes him special for being 6'7 and over 270 pounds," said head coach Jeff Fuss.

"You should watch him on the basketball floor, and his ability to move, not only straight ahead, but also laterally. We are talking about a kid with a 31 inch vertical. He is a technician out on the field. Really, you may find guys with his size, but you likely won't find guys that can move like him with his size."

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