Huskers offer running back from Louisiana

You ever just feel like someone was about to "blow up" with popularity? Well try on this 5-foot-9 and 220 pound running back for size. He runs a 4.5 with his size is a power back and loves to run over people. Yeah, he is holding some pretty good offers too that indicate that his time is coming to be one of the most talked about running backs in the nation.

Remember the name: Moncell Allen, because chances are you haven't heard a lot of it...yet. The time is coming for Allen to be mentioned among the nation's best running backs. He is hard at work trying to become an even better running back.

"I am just trying to get bigger and faster," Allen said. "I am going to be working out (this summer). I am planning on working on my speed the most. I am strong enough already so I am not going to be mad if I get stronger or bigger, but the idea is to get faster."

Allen is a compact package who has good speed, but runs with a lot of power. Like many might think that he could turn the corner and hit the jets and run by you, he could, but he could also just square his shoulders and run you over just as easy.

"I am 5-foot-9 and 220. My power is my strength. That is why I am looking to improve my speed. I need that combination of power and speed. Running people over is really my strength now. I run a 4.5/40 right now."

The standout running back from New Orleans (La.) Holy Cross has been to one camp so far, but would like to hit some others. "I went to one camp at Louisiana Tech. I don't have nay other camps set up right now. I would like to go to the USC camp and Kentucky. I would like to go to Ole Miss and LSU too."

The offers continue to trickle in right now for Allen, but the word will travel quick about this power back from Louisiana who might need a truck to haul them all around this fall. "I just got an offer from Kentucky yesterday so that makes seven. I also have offers from Ole Miss, Tennessee, Nebraska, USC, UCLA and Ohio State."

When it comes to picking out a school Allen is looking at the education and the environment first. Beyond that he is looking at the people that he will be surrounding himself with for the next four to five years. "I am mostly looking at the education and a great place to live. I am looking for some good friends and a good coaching staff. Distance isn't a problem to me."

A name that Allen doesn't mention a lot is LSU, but that isn't because he doesn't like them. Allen grew up a LSU fan, but admittedly is getting a lot more attention from other schools right now.

"LSU called when they had a chance to call and I spoke to their coach. Every week I get letters and cards from them, but I don't hear much from LSU as much as I hear from other schools. I grew up watching LSU, but it's not a big problem."

One school that has been recruiting Allen pretty hard is Nebraska. Up to this point Allen hasn't had a chance to talk with any of the coaches from Nebraska, but that should be coming to an end soon.

"I don't know who the coach is that is recruiting me from Nebraska. I haven't had a chance to talk to them. I was planning on going and getting his card from my coaches so I could call. I am going to call all of the colleges that are looking at me and see how they are doing up there and to let them know where I am at."

Allen is looking to take a couple of his official visits to some far away schools and will make unofficials to a couple of closer schools. "I know that one of the schools that I would like to visit UCLA and USC. I can just drive to Ole Miss and LSU. I might take an official to Nebraska."

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