Marshall considering official visit to Nebraska

Broderick Marshall has the size to play defensive tackle in college. He's solid at 6-foot-4 and 270 pounds. He might also be a candidate to put out at end, the position that he plays in high school, considering his 4.9/40. Schools have been noticing too as Marshall recently picked up his seventh offer.

Size. Speed. Strength. It's a great combination to have when you are a football player. Broderick Marshall has all of them. The Austin (Texas) McCallum standout has been busy this summer in the classroom, the weight room and at his job. Still he finds the time to get out and run at night after work.

"We just finished our first session for summer school on Friday," Marshall said. "It's going pretty well. I am managing my time. It's a pretty busy summer."

"I go to school and then to the weight room. After I lift I go to work and then when I get home from work I get out and run a little bit. That is pretty much it. They are full days."

Marshall, who last season finished around 80 tackles and earned all-district and first team all-central Texas honors, just received two new offers.

"I don't know how long ago they offered me, but I went to school and ran into my coach. He gave me some mail that had been going to my school over the summer. I got the offer then. Later that day when I got home I got an offer from Houston."

"That makes seven total offers. Along with Oklahoma State and Houston I have offers from Texas Tech, Nebraska, Missouri, Arizona and LSU. I got an idea about my leaders, but I am not ready to start eliminating anyone."

Marshall has got some busy days ahead of him this summer and that might make traveling a little difficult. He has asked off for some vacation to take a trip possibly to see one of the seven schools that he offered.

"As far as the summer goes I am not sure if I will get to take any visits. I might be able to go out to Texas Tech during my vacation time. I might be able to make it to Tech, but I am not sure about that either."

Beyond the unofficial visits, Marshall is looking forward to taking his officials. One official he would definitely like to take is to see Lincoln.

"I would like to go out to LSU and see they athletic dorms and see how their campus is laid out. The coaches from Arizona want me to check them out before I make any type of decision. I might do that."

"Nebraska? I would definitely like to take an official out to Nebraska. Coach Jay Norvell is recruiting me from Nebraska. He is a real cool guy."

"When I talked to him he was letting me know that he was here to help me out. I was letting me know about my academic situation and he let me know that they have the academic support at Nebraska to help me out with those types of things."

"He is the one that put it in my head about going to summer school. Not to get credits or anything, but just to get my GPA up. My GPA is OK and everything, but it can be improved. He has helped me out a lot. I really liked talking to him a lot."

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