Big XII still an afterthought to Alexander

Mister Alexander is looking at a lot of choice as to where he might play his college football. From coast to coast, conference to conference; his position is one that would appear ideal, having a variety of schools he can go. Only, it's not that simple and while Alexander does have some favorites, they have changed dramatically and it's because while he doesn't know where he's ultimately going to go, he knows where he's not and that's quite a turn from not even a month ago.

About a month ago, Mister Alexander's list of favorites looked something like this:

Oklahoma, Nebraska, OSU, USC, Miami and LSU

You can take Oklahoma, Nebraska and Oklahoma State off of that list.


Dad doesn't want Mister going to the Big XII.

It's something that has been reported before, but the reasons behind nixing the conference off the list are still a bit of a mystery. Suffice it to say, many of the offers that Alexander has right now just became a moot point.

Now, Mister has to find replacements for half of his list of favorites, but he's put together his revamped list of teams he's looking at for the future:

Miami, USC, Florida State, North Carolina, Michigan, LSU and Ohio State

With camps scheduled yet for North Carolina and LSU, Mister still has time in the off-season to try and impress at least a couple of them and hope that the rest of them will find what he does during the season enough to garner a scholarship from them.

Until then, though, Mister said he's just taking everything in stride. "I am looking all over, just not at the Big XII," he said. "I like the ACC, the SEC and conferences like that, so that would be a nice place to play."

One has to wonder, though, that with offers already from teams in the Big XII, is there a concern that other schools in the conferences of preference won't offer. "No, I'm not worried about that," Mister said. "There's a lot of time, so I am just looking at schools and I don't plan on making any decisions anytime soon."

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